Charging Station Type

All charging stations are Level 2 charging stations that:

  • Support a 240V circuit and Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Deliver approximately 20 miles of range per hour of charging

Please Note: Charging times depend on battery type, depletion level, and capacity. Charging electric vehicles takes longer than charging plug-in hybrid vehicles because electric vehicles typically have more battery capacity.

Using a UNLV Electric Vehicle Charger

Create a ChargePoint Account

  • All charging stations are connected to the ChargePoint network.
  • If you plan to charge on campus, you have to become a ChargePoint member.
    • As a member you can download the ChargePoint app (available on Android and iOS) to start and stop charging sessions remotely, or you can use the RFID card provided to you by ChargePoint.
  • To register for a ChargePoint membership, go to the ChargePoint Network website and click on the Connections tab.

Start your charging session

  • You can start your charging session immediately after you activate your membership.
  • First time users can call the 888 number on the station to start the session remotely.

Time Limit and Use

There is a four (4) hour time limit for charging a vehicle in an EV parking spot. After the four (4) hours, all vehicles must vacate the space.

Vehicles must be charging to utilize the parking space.

Must use cord provided for the space. No crossing of cords between spaces.

UNLV Parking Permit Requirement

To use the charging stations, customers must have a valid UNLV parking permit. All UNLV parking permits are acceptable (long term, daily, weekly, etc.).

UNLV affiliates who do not have an active permit and plan on using a charging station must register their vehicle in advance using the UNLV Parking permit portal. For more information on parking permit types, visit our Permit Types page.


Charger Assistance Contact Information

If a charging station is not working, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 702-895-1300 or Chargepoint at the 888 number on the sign for assistance. To sign up to receive notification if the charger you scheduled to use is out of order, please use MyChargePoint website or the ChargePoint smartphone application.