News: Facilities Management

woman posing in lockerroom
People | July 18, 2022

Former Lady Rebel now racking up the assists with her UNLV Facilities Management team.  

man working with microscope
Research | June 23, 2022

Here's how UNLV's radiochemistry program is building a diverse workforce for the nation's nuclear energy sector.


geiger counter
Campus News | June 22, 2022

UNLV teams up with the region's Weapons of Mass Destruction Working Group.

Christmas tree with bow ornament
Campus News | December 21, 2021

UNLV, community organizations team up for free annual program to turn Christmas trees into mulch; more than 18,000 trees recycled in 2020.

All Gender/Family Restroom sign.
Campus News | June 2, 2021

All-gender restrooms provide safe, convenient spaces for everyone.

man working on air conditioner
Campus News | May 5, 2021

As temperatures rise, the HVAC team ensures environments stay comfortable with energy-efficient systems.

composter with food waste
Campus News | April 29, 2021

Take the trash cans away and suddenly people pay attention to the waste they're producing.

raised garden beds
Business and Community | April 21, 2021

UNLV programs reach into the community to fill in service gaps and grow relationships.

HVACR Specialist IV Steven Joseph Sr. posing for picture in front of equipment.
People | January 11, 2021

The HVAC supervisor on upgrades to air filter systems to combat COVID, building a community among colleagues, and finding the "perfect" room temperature.

A man uses a spray bottle to disinfect a desk
Campus News | September 1, 2020

New procedures and systems in place to make on-campus experience as safe as possible.

building rendering
Campus News | June 3, 2020

Recently released artist's renderings show plans for the building that is scheduled to be under construction in February 2021.

man on riding mower
Campus News | May 5, 2020

Facilities crews keep the campus in good repair despite COVID-19.