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Liaison Program

The FM liaison program is a partnership between Facilities Management and building occupants. It designates representatives from campus buildings as central points of contact who share information about maintenance, improvements, and emergency protocols. FM liaisons facilitate accurate, consistent, and effective communication and are critical to keeping campus environments safe and welcoming.

FM Liaison Responsibilities

  • Attend FM Liaison orientation.
    • Learn how to use building-wide email list.
  • Use email and / or signage to communicate notifications to building occupants such as:
    • Planned maintenance work
    • Power outages
    • Emergency notifications
      • This information may come from Facilities Management, Risk Management and Safety, or Planning and Construction.
  • Notify Facilities Management when work is needed in their building. This includes submitting work requests for items reported to them or discovered by them.
  • Serve as a point-of-contact when original work requesters are unavailable to answer questions or provide access to work areas.
  • Attend FM liaison meetings that include:
    • Training on FM operations and tools
    • Sneak peeks at changes and improvements to buildings and FM processes
    • Question and answer forum
  • Inform the FM help desk when they take vacation or extended leave, or are no longer able to act in the liaison role.
  • As a best practice, liaisons should identify an alternate who can liaise  in their absence. Being an alternate liaison prepares individuals for potentially filling the liaison role in the future. 

Becoming an FM Liaison

If your building does not have an FM Liaison and you’d like to nominate someone for the role, please contact Michael Bailey, 702-895-1193. When nominating someone, please consider their current job responsibilities. Qualities that make an effective FM Liaison include:

  • Approachable
  • Problem solver
  • Has wide access to department and/or building
  • Central departmental figure
  • Handles department-wide communications as part of their regular responsibilities
  • Has knowledge of FM Help Desk processes

Current Liaisons

Thank you to our amazing team of FM Liaisons! Visit the UNLV Building Liaison List to view a complete list.

Program Oversight and Support

To support FM liaisons in their role, Facilities Management:

  • Familiarizes liaisons with programs and processes essential to FM liaison responsibilities
  • Provides resources for information sharing including templates for commonly distributed messages and a WebCampus module for sharing information among the liaison group
  • Hosts liaison meetings and offers opportunities for question and answer sessions
  • Communicates information to liaisons in a timely manner and with advance notice when possible
  • Establishes points of contact within Facilities Management who support FM liaisons