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Diverse applies to more than our demographics. With 78 majors and 71 minors available for undergraduates, UNLV offers the breadth of programs to prepare our graduates to serve in every sector of the world's economy.

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An Education Like Nowhere Else.

Liberal arts and fine arts. Business and all of STEM. We've got academic programs to help you develop lifelong critical-thinking skills for any field.

But what if you want to get really Vegas about it? We are proud that our academics draw upon the influences of our community. Our Entertainment Engineering and Design program turns out grads who go on to make magic happen at Cirque du Soleil and Disney. Healthcare Interior Design connects architecture to the latest research in brain and behavior sciences so your future living and work spaces promote wellness. The PGA golf management program pairs up an academic degree with hands-on learning in our technologically advanced swing lab and on an array of local links. And of course, if you're going to poke around in the emerging industry of esports, where better than the ancestral home of the dice-throwing, card-turning, wheel-spinning gaming resort world?

"I'm able to take the skills and knowledge I gained from UNLV and take it with me around the community. Currently volunteering at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada as an education advocate, I am able to learn more about advocacy work and the legal process for ensuring that schools are providing students with disabilities their special education services."
Kyle Catarata, Major: Philosophy with Brookings Public Policy Minor; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
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Jump Right Into Meaningful Work.

Get in, get working, and get one-on-one time with your professors through UNLV's undergraduate research programs.

UNLV is one of just 130 institutions in the country to receive the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education's "Research 1" designation, the gold standard in academia. That's something only 3 percent of U.S. colleges can claim. And we have the facilities to back it up.

But unlike other R1 universities, you won't have to wait in line behind the grad students before you can get into one of our 45 research centers and institutes.

Like you, our professors come here to discover in a place that's young and nimble and unbound by hundreds of years of bureaucracy. The experience will enrich your learning and add credibility to your resume before you even start applying for your first professional job.

Got the next big, industry-changing idea? Pitch it to the Rebel Venture Fund, a program that puts students in charge of investing in local startups. Want to ensure globalization doesn't leave your community behind? UNLV's Brookings Mountain West connects students with leading policymakers and puts them to work solving real problems through research. It's those kinds of enrichment opportunities that will make your UNLV education unlike any other.

Undergraduate Majors
Undergraduate Minors
"I don't think enough students realize how accessible UNLV faculty and researchers are. Getting involved in research can open up a new world, and I want other students to know that's possible."
Michael Schwob, Major: Mathematics with Economics Minor; Hometown: Henderson, NV

Undergrad Majors

Exploring the Big Question

Sure there are students out there who know exactly what they want to do — they've known since kindergarten they were heading to med school, going to run for office, or devoting themselves to mentoring children. But college-bound students just don't know what they want to study and stress every time they get the "What's your major?" question. We've got those students covered too.

Our Exploring Majors and First-Year Seminar Programs make sure that you complete your general education requirements plus our academic advisors help you discover majors that align with your skills and passions. So stop sweating about finding the right major and realize it's about choosing the right place. If you're looking to explore in a place unbound by conventional attitudes, that happens to be UNLV.

With 78 majors and 71 minors for undergrads, UNLV does more than offer options — we provide opportunities. Plus, if your professional ambitions require you to obtain multiple degrees, UNLV has more than 175 graduate and professional programs. Our expert advisors will help you navigate every step towards your future career.

"The College of Education does an amazing job of getting its students into the school district as soon as possible. My advisors are there for me. They present me scholarship opportunities, attend workshops with me, and I even see them at Rebel basketball games!"
Allison Crawford, Major: Secondary Math Education; Hometown: Dearborn, MI