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Rebels Isn't Just Our Nickname — It's Our Ethos.

Dripping in the golden desert sun and spread across 350 acres in the heart of Las Vegas, UNLV boasts unparalleled programs in hospitality, entertainment engineering, public policy, and the sciences, to name a few. But beyond the academics and sterling spots on competitive lists, we offer an attitude. Rebels are steeped in the anything-goes, make-it-work culture of Las Vegas — a culture that inspires people to take chances, seize opportunities, and find unconventional solutions to any challenge they care to tackle.

A Carnegie R1 Research University. In the academic world, that's a big deal. We worked hard in the last decade to earn that status, and we're one of only 130 universities (out of 4,000!) in the country that can stake that claim. Plus, we're the most diverse institution in the nation.

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Our Color Palette Is Neon.

Close your eyes. You can still hear the big horns blaring behind Dean Martin's croon. Las Vegas truly is the Entertainment Capital of the World, with two dozen major resorts lining our iconic boulevard and a bevy of boutique venues downtown catering to the quirky. It's become a sports town too with new arenas for the pros in football, hockey, and esports.

Spectacle is an everyday occurrence. National Finals Rodeo, Life Is Beautiful music festival, and soon, (dare we say it?) the Super Bowl. And all that is on top of dozens of mind-bending productions and celebrity headliners who now call Vegas home.

And oh, did we mention the weather?

Put it all together, and that means UNLV students benefit from nowhere-else opportunities in this 24-hour metropolis.

Your move, stodgy old East Coast colleges. Beat that, cold Midwestern U's.

Las Vegas is at the forefront of international tourism and the convention industry, with 42.5 million visitors in 2019, and 6.6 million conventioneers alone descending on the city in a year — bringing with them a desire to nurture their industries, launch new markets, and build their workforces.

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"As someone whose majors both revolve around entertainment, Vegas is the epitome of a show-stopping city. I knew the option to be down the street from the Strip was unmatched, and the opportunities that would be available to me had no competition."
Darian Fluker, Double Major: Theatre and Hospitality with a Concentration in Meetings and Events; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
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The Mojave

Nature In Its Unspoiled Glory.

Las Vegas might be the heart of it all, but it doesn't take long to slip the bonds of this little oasis and get out into the desert proper.

UNLV is minutes from natural getaways of Red Rock's sandstone canyons, Lake Mead's shores, and the hiking, biking, and snowboarding trails on the mountains that ring our valley. A few hours further up the road will take you into the backcountry of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, the star-filled skies of Basin and Range National Monument, and the otherworldly extremes of Death Valley.

Then when spring break hits, hit the road, and in less than a day's drive, you'll be in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Fe, or Salt Lake City. Where else are you going to make your base to explore the entire American Southwest?

A place of resilience. From the tiniest organisms that live in Nevada's hot springs to the communities that have rapidly grown, our Mojave Desert has been a perfect lab for learning to thrive in extreme conditions.

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"My experience at UNLV so far has been fun and challenging, but most of all, inspiring. I continue to be inspired and pushed to follow my passions no matter what, and to know that the sky is not the limit."
Tim Baba, Major: Geology; Hometown: San Francisco, CA