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Educate, Engage, Inspire, Innovate

We are committed to: creating hands-on experiential learning at all student levels; fostering an environment of innovation and high-impact research; engaging the community and collaborating internally and externally; and inspiring each other to continue learning and overcoming challenges.

Advanced Engineering Building Gets Topped Out!

Opening Spring 2024 – The Advanced Engineering Building

Keep up-to-date on all the latest news, donations and construction updates.

Departments & Programs

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Student Resources

We’re here to help! We encourage you to use all of the resources the College has to offer to help you be successful in your engineering academic career. We offer academic advising, tutoring labs, internship and career services, and more. For additional resources, please see our Student Resources page.

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Our faculty and students are constantly engaged in research projects that are transforming the world. From working with Lockheed Martin on propelling humankind into deep space, to new discoveries in soft robotics, and using nanotechnology to more efficiently clean solar panels, our research makes a difference.

Highlights From the College

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The Course: Autonomous Racing

Future computer scientists are challenged to team up to make a car drive — and race — on its own.

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UNLV Awarded $3 Million to Enhance Cybersecurity Education and Small Business Outreach

Three recent grants to bolster training opportunities for UNLV students and assist Southern Nevada businesses in protecting against cyber attacks.

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Eclipses for Education: UNLV Engineers Scientific Ballooning Project

Student team to participate in upcoming solar eclipses for nationwide NASA project; Oct. 14 celestial event visible in Las Vegas.

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Your support will help us create hands-on experiential learning at all student levels; foster an environment of innovation and high-impact research; engage and collaborate with the community on meaningful projects; and inspire our students to continue learning and overcome whatever challenges they face. Find out all the different ways you can help.