Computer science professor Yoohwan Kim is working to develop a bachelor’s program in cybersecurity

CyberSecurity Center

Information technology (IT) is the foundation of all modern science and technology. However, businesses, government entities, and private citizens are constantly attacked by cybercriminals, and the importance of cyber defense is growing. Our Information Assurance (IA) program emphasizes research and education in the broad issues of developing trustworthy information systems and helps answer the cybersecurity workforce shortage.

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Academic Programs

Information Assurance Concentration Area in Computer Science

Students who complete either the BS or the BA program in Computer Science may also pursue the Information Assurance concentration area by completing the following courses:


Completion of the Information Assurance concentration area will result in the awarding of a certificate to the student by the Department of Computer Science.

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Dr. Juyeon Jo

Information Assurance Concentration Coordinator
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Office: SEB 4214
Mail Code: 4019
Phone: 702-895-5873
Fax: 702-895-2639

Dr. Yoohwan Kim

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Office: SEB 4245
Mail Code: 4019
Phone: 702-895-5348
Fax: 702-895-2639

Dr. Hal Berghel

Professor, Computer Science
Office: TBE-B 378-A
Mail Code: 4019
Phone: 702-895-2441
Fax: 702-895-2639

News Coverage / Research

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NSA/NSF GenCyber Summer Camp

The goals of the GenCyber summer camp include:

  • Increase interest in cybersecurity careers;
  • Help all students understand correct and safe online behavior;
  • Be the solution to the Nation’s shortfall of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Get more information on UNLV’s GenCyber Summer Camp

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UNLV Resources

Cybersecurity Lab

The cybersecurity lab is equipped with 16 Dell workstations that are loaded with cyberattacks and defense tools. This lab offers an environment for students to learn and practice the necessary skills for cybersecurity in an isolated setting. The lab gives the students a hands-on experience in performing and detecting cyberattacks, and learning defense technologies. Through the hands-on exercises, students can understand the vulnerabilities of operating systems and applications, common attack methods through demonstrations and lab projects, and learn how to protect their computer systems.

UNLV Security Resources

UNLV Computer Science Advisory Board

Layer_Zero UNLV Student Club

Ph.D. Fellowship in Cyber Security

EC-Council - Supporting UNLV to create career-ready Ethical Hackers

CyberSecurity Lab

Additional Resources

Information Assurance Program Contact

Juyeon Jo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor