Faculty/Staff Directory

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Nate Bynum, M.F.A.

Graduate Coordinator/ Stage & Screen Acting

Lezlie Cross

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Brackley Frayer, M.F.A.

Professor of Lighting Design
Brackley Frayer

Clarence Gilyard

Stage & Screen Acting/ Film
Phone: 702-895-1059

Katrina Hertfelder

Costume Shop Supervisor
Katrina Hertfelder

Phil Hubbard, M.F.A.

Head of MFA Acting
Associate Head of Performance
Phil Hubbard

Dr. Jeffrey Koep

U.N.L.V. sign placeholder
Office: FDH 431
Mail Code: 5036
Phone: 702-895-2646

Michael Lugering, M.F.A.

Stage & Screen Acting