Students with their arms raised on stage.


Welcome from the Chair/Executive Director

UNLV Department of Theatre is dedicated to presenting students with the opportunity to learn from dedicated expert faculty in the areas of theatre and film/television performance. We provide in-depth programs and hands-on training that provides a strong foundation and a comprehensive knowledge of theatre studies, performance in stage and screen, design, technology and stage management.

Dedicated Faculty

Dedicated faculty guide students in classroom and studio settings to provide fundamental and advanced training for undergraduates who wish to major or minor in theatre and graduate students who wish to follow specializations in the field.

UNLV Theatre faculty are a diverse group of experts who are committed to mentoring students who desire to work in the field of stage or screen. They are engaged and active in working professionally on internationally and/or nationally theatre productions and/or in film and television projects

Vegas Strong

There are few places as exciting and vibrant as Las Vegas and studying in UNLV’s department of theatre provides students with bridges to local artists, craftsman, performers through partnerships and collaborations. Students can take advantage of these bridges to learn on the job as apprentices or interns, summer employment opportunities, or new project development.

UNLV Theatre commits to raising the level of production experiences for students interested in the performing arts by developing interdisciplinary opportunities across the College of Fine Arts. Learning at UNLV Theatre means students can enhance their theatre education through courses in Art, Dance, Music, or Entertainment Engineering and Design.

The Nevada Conservatory Theatre provides professional training for students and an opportunity to work with professional artists engaged to direct, perform, or design alongside UNLV Theatre students.

UNLV Theatre

Whether your future is to become an actor, stage manager, designer, technician, or to continue your academic career, UNLV Theatre is set to offer you a strong well-round program led by expert faculty who foster academic excellence coupled by practical opportunities to achieve success to meet your future goals in the field of theatre and screen performance.

Norma Saldivar
Chair, Department of Theatre
Executive Director, Nevada Conservatory Theatre