Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH)

  • northwest exterior entrance
  • northwest exterior
  • interior lobby

The tallest structure on campus, the humanities building contains auditoriums, classrooms, and lecture halls on the first two floors. On the upper five floors, the building houses the offices of the president, provost, other administrative offices and departments.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

  • FDH 145
  • FDH 754A

Hydration Stations

  • First floor, near women's restroom.

Wireless Access

  • Yes

Nearby Parking

  • Handicap Parking
  • Faculty/Staff Parking
  • Metered Parking
  • Faculty/Staff Parking
  • Student Parking
  • Handicap Parking
  • Metered Parking
  • Metered Parking

Quick Facts

  • Year Opened: 1972
  • Building Floors: 7
  • Gross Square Feet: 106,313