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Faculty & Staff Resources

Registrar resources regarding curriculum, scheduling, and advisor information.

Office of the Registrar's Mission Statement: The Office of the Registrar consists of a collaborative, service-oriented team of professionals. We serve the entire UNLV community, which includes students across the academic lifespan, alumni, faculty, and the general public, by developing and applying academic policies and procedures, maintaining student enrollment and academic records, and managing curricular records and the academic schedule. We have a commitment to innovative, client-focused service, privacy and confidentiality, and supporting students' overall experience at UNLV. In our work, we support our core campus values of access and equity, excellence and integrity, compassion and inclusion, and collaboration and stewardship.


A liaison is assigned to each department on campus to assist with basic registrar functions and to help bypass the main line. Email us at registrar@unlv.edu to identify your liaison.

  • Assignment of academic space for the purpose of instruction and special event use. Ensures facility space is maximized and appropriately assigned.

  • Designed to help advisors and other staff in using Academic Requirements and to understand how credits will transfer.

  • Assistance for faculty who are developing course and program proposals. Support is available throughout the proposal development/review process.

  • The length of time required for keeping documents, records, and information resources to assure that they support business functions. At UNLV there are records retention schedules that address these requirements.

  • Information to help faculty and staff understand FERPA and its Federal Law

  • A resource page that will provide tutorials and quick trainings on Registrar processes, procedures, FERPA and system functions for faculty and staff.