Mailing Address

Office of the Registrar
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 1029
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154



  • 702-895-1118

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Other Contacts


Academic Scheduling

Events Scheduling



Phone: 702-895-3123 or 702-895-3685

Nevada Residency

John Jacobs
4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Box 451029
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1029
Phone: 702-895-0551
Fax: 702-895-1118

Student Transfer Information


Summer Term

Phone: 702-895-3711


Leadership Team

Sam Fugazzotto, Ed.D.

Office: SSC-C 130
Mail Code: 1029
Phone: 702-895-0892

Jennifer Drennan, MHR

Associate Registrar for Scheduling, Operations & Systems
Jennifer Drennan
Office: SSC-A 115
Phone: 702-895-0444

Chelsea Peoples, MPA

Assistant Registrar for Student Records & External Relations; Customer Relations Training Coordinator
Chelsea Peoples
Office: SSC-C 105
Phone: 702-895-1672

Staff Directory

John Cartino

Office Manager
John Cartino
Office: SSC-A 132
Phone: 702-895-5295

Laina Gleason

Academic Scheduling and Events Coordinator
Laina Gleason
Office: SSC-A 120
Phone: 702-895-0418

John Jacobs

Residency and Student Transition Coordinator
Office: SSC-C 106
Phone: 702-895-2981

Pedro Jule

Transfer and Articulation Coordinator
Office: SSC-C 108
Phone: 702-895-4044

Anna Vishnevsky, MA

Curriculum Coherence Coordinator
Office: SSC-C 109
Phone: 702-774-7037

Deana Wilson

NSHE Representative
Deana's Headshot
Office: SSC-A 124
Phone: 702-895-4238

Mayra Cardoso

Admissions and Records Assistant 4
Office: SSC-A 111
Phone: 702-774-2955

Peyton Coronas

Registrar Analyst
Peyton Coronas
Office: SSC-C 101-07
Phone: 702-895-4519

Paolo Cruz

Senior Transfer Articulation Analyst
Office: SSC-A 111
Phone: 702-895-3871

Melissa Hernandez Gutierrez

Academic Scheduling and Events Specialist
Melissa Hernandez-Gutierrez
Office: SSC-A 122
Phone: 702-895-5684

Antwanette Johnson

Admissions & Records Assistant 4
Office: SSC-A 109
Phone: 702-895-1347

Evelyn Johnson

Curriculum Administrative Assistant
Evelyn Johnson
Office: SSC-A 123
Phone: 702-895-3373

Melanie Pavao

Administrative Assistant 4
Office: SSC-A 121
Phone: 702-895-3123

Mark Valentin

Registrar Analyst
Office: SSC-C 101-10
Phone: 702-895-3443

Roy Visuett

Academic Scheduling and Events Liaison
Office: SSC-A 126
Phone: 702-774-8006