1. There are three major areas of responsibility in place to ensure the success of the UNLV PCard (PCard) program. The Purchasing and Contracts department (which includes auditing PCard transactions) is responsible for facilitating the program, managers and approving officials are responsible for managing its cardholder activity, and the cardholders are responsible for their own PCard transactions and properly verifying the transactions.
  2. Approving Official: a UNLV employee at the dean’s level or above who is responsible for a department or division’s operations and fiduciary responsibilities (which includes ensuring the integrity of the PCard program within their department or division). They will review and sign cardholder’s application requests.
  3. Managers: a UNLV employee who will review and sign a cardholder’s application and will review PCard transactions in Workday to attesting they have reviewed the documentation and they certify the transactions are business related, are being expensed correctly to the department’s accounts, and the receipts and documents are valid to support all transactions.
  4. Cardholders should keep their cards in a secure location and never share their numbers with anyone (including management, liaisons, or administration).
  5. Cardholders should never make personal purchases.
  6. UNLV is tax exempt. Sales and use tax should not appear on receipts for purchases made in or shipped to Nevada. See the Tax Exemption Policy for more information.
  7. All goods should be shipped to a UNLV campus address. Prior approval from a supervisor is required to ship goods to a home address. This approval is required to be attached to the PCard verification.
  8. All hosting transactions require complete documentation of the transaction and signed approval at the dean’s level or above. See the Accounts Payable website for more information.
  9. Travel expenses must conform to the Accounts Payable travel policies. Allowable expenses include airfare, conference registration, hotel accommodations, and rental cars (using our contracted suppliers). See the Travel Program website for more information.
  10. No per diem meals or fuel for personal vehicles are allowed on the PCard.
  11. Pay close attention to sensitive items that need to be tagged by Property Control regardless of the acquisition cost (like computers, tablets, laptops).
  12. Splitting transactions to exceed an established single purchase limit is not allowed, and may result in the suspension of a card or cards.
  13. All PCard records should be kept in accordance with the NSHE/UNLV Record Retention Guidelines.