Achievement of Excellence in Procurement - 2022 Award Winner


The Purchasing and Contracts Department, as a key element within the Finance Division of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), is dedicated to providing our customers the most effective and efficient procurement of quality goods and services in support of UNLV’s mission and goals. The Purchasing and Contracts Department will accomplish this through exceptional customer service, innovative processes and sound business practices.


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Our Values


Our dedication to accountability includes establishing performance measures, monitoring results and making adjustments to ensure the optimum outcome and by procuring goods and services in the overall best interest of NSHE on the basis of price, quality, availability, conformance to specifications, and capability of the vendor to perform as requested.


The Achievement of Excellent in Procurement® (AEP) award is earned by public & non-profit organizations that obtain a high application score based on standardized criteria.

The AEP is awarded annually by the National Procurement Institute to recognize Innovation, Professionalism, E-Procurement, Productivity, and Leadership. The AEP program encourages the development of excellence as well as continued organizational improvement to earn the award annually.

Customer Service

Purchasing & Contracts is dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective and efficient procurement of quality goods and services in support of UNLV’s mission and goals.


Our diversity program focuses on ways to identify opportunities and to encourage a more diverse supplier base creating more competition while maximizing resources and strengthening economic development.

Fraud Alert

Sometimes suppliers receive emails from individuals pretending to be officers of our university. The emails invite suppliers to purchase items. When a supplier makes a “purchase” they receive a fake purchase order.

If you have not registered in our registration system, then any correspondence you have received authorizing you to process an order on UNLV's behalf is most likely fraudulent.

If you have any suspicion about contacts you receive indicating they are from UNLV, please contact 702-895-3521 immediately to confirm.