Please use these forms and manuals when requesting our services.

For Departments

  • PO Modification Form – Use this form to request a change in status or amount of a purchase order.
  • Competitive Exception Form – Submit this form with any requisition requesting equipment, supplies, or general services from a sole-source vendor or requesting a brand-specific item that exceeds $25,000 (aggregately within a 12-month period). Final responsibility in determining whether a purchase is approved as a competitive exception rests with the director/assistant director of purchasing.
  • Informal Request for Proposal or Oncall Informal Request for Proposal – Use these forms for proposals for design professional consulting services. This document can be used for both the on-call architect agreements and professional services (e.g. soil testing, mechanical designs, etc.) that do not exceed $75,000.
  • Invitation to Quote | Invitation to Quote – Use this form for informal price quotation(s) for construction less than $100,000. The price quotations (typically solicited by the department) shall be submitted on the UNLV s Invitation to Quote Form and submitted with the requisition.
  • Invitation to Quote for Maintenance
  • MUNIS Access Application
    • Request access to the MUNIS system by filling out this form.
    • Also, use this form when requesting additional accounts to be added to your MUNIS access list. The person with signature authority on file for the account(s) requested will need to sign the form.
  • PCard Forms and Instructions