UNLV is self-certifying suppliers wishing to do business with the university. All information submitted must be accurate and in accordance with fair business practices. Any information that is not accurate or misrepresented could disqualify you from future business opportunities with UNLV.

This information will help you learn about UNLV’s purchasing procedures. Please acquaint yourself with this material prior to conducting business with the university.

  • Learn about required purchasing procedures for bidders and vendors.

  • Visit Supplier Self Service & Registration page to register your business information, select the goods and/or services offered, and to manage your information for accuracy through the use of an online account.

  • Learn about the terms and conditions that apply to all purchase orders issued at UNLV.

  • View the statutory exemption from sales tax and credit references for the university.

  • Access a listing of the formal solicitations UNLV is currently accepting responses for. Please review the material for each solicitation, and pay particular attention to the dates for questions and requested materials.

  • See a list of vendors who were awarded contracts.

  • Get your certificate of completion, which indicates that all work on a specific project completed and accepted.

  • Visit the Risk Management & Safety Department’s site for information on insurance compliance.

  • UNLV has selected FedEx as our preferred carrier for all inbound shipments to UNLV.