About Us

Primary Function

The primary function of the Purchasing Department is to assist our university with the identification, selection, and acquisition of required materials and services. Purchasing strives to accomplish this as economically as possible, within acceptable standards of quality and service, while utilizing professional ethics and best business practices throughout the process. To this end purchasing will do the following:

  • Maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure effective and cooperative relationships with our customers.
  • Provide campus education relating to the procurement process.
  • Promote a positive work environment.
  • Maintain and create sound business practices.

Primary Duties

  • Provide information to departments as requested.
  • Negotiate leases and contracts for equipment.
  • Negotiate maintenance and service agreements.
  • Process purchase requisitions.
  • Issue, evaluate, and award Bids and Requests for Proposals.
  • Issue purchase orders.
  • Coordinate and issue modifications to purchase orders if necessary.
  • Ensure proper documents and authorizations are obtained for purchases.
  • Expedite orders.
  • Monitor decentralized PCard program to ensure compliance with policies/procedures.
  • Maintain vendor lists.
  • Look for additional sources of supply

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