Campus Contracts

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Supplier Description Contract Number Buyer Expiration Date
Brinks Armored Car Services 6011 Kelly Owsley 08/22/2018
Silverado Stages Bus Services 7297 Angela Mendoza 02/03/2018
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory Testing Services 7636 Kelly Owsley 12/21/2018
Hewlett Packard Corp Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7272 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2020
Lenovo Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7281 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2020
Apple Computers, Inc. Computers 7285 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2018
Dell Marketing L.P. Computers 7271 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2020
Xerox Copier Lease 5200 Kelly Owsley 05/31/2019
Filtration Group Disposable Air Filters 7440 Franklin Godinez 02/10/2019
Lexmark Enterprise Software US Document Management Software Solution 5646 Franklin Godinez 02/28/2018
Premier Pest Control Extermination 6442 Franklin Godinez 12/02/2017
Aramark Educational Services, LLC Food Services 5448 Kelly Owsley 07/31/2020
Airgas, Inc. Gases (Compressed and Liquid) 6238 Debra Kuhn 07/31/2018
Grainger Industrial Supplies 5635 Franklin Godinez 06/30/2017
American Sign Language Communications, LLC Interpreting Services 6449 Kelly Owsley 04/07/2017
Fisher Scientific Laboratory Supplies 7562 Debra Kuhn 03/31/2019
VWR International Laboratory Supplies 7561 Debra Kuhn 3/31/2019
Southern Nevada Mailers, LLC Mail Services, Bulk Mail Handling 5932 Kelly Owsley 06/26/2017
Nevada North American dba Capitol North American, Inc Moving and Storage Services 7784 Kelly Owsley 12/21/2018
OfficeMax Office Supplies 6630 Kelly Owsley 07/01/2017
Gillespie dba A & B Printing Printing Services


Kelly Owsley 02/20/2018
Creel Printing and Publishing Company Printing Services


Kelly Owsley 02/20/2018
Commercial Print Group, Inc. dba Nevada Color Litho Printing Services


Kelly Owsley 03/02/2018
Rapid Color Inc. Printing Services


Kelly Owsley 02/20/2018
Gill's Printing & Business Printing Services


Kelly Owsley 02/20/2018
Enterprise Rent A Car Rental - Vehicle 5360 Kelly Owsley 10/18/2018
Century Security & Event Staffing Temporary Staffing 7881 Kelly Owsley 02/22/2018
Howroyd Wright Employment Agency dba AppleOne Temporary Staffing 7880 Kelly Owsley 03/08/2018
Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada Temporary Staffing 7877 Kelly Owsley 02/21/2018
Marathon Staffing Temporary Staffing 7879 Kelly Owsley 02/23/2018
Advance Personnel Services LLC Temporary Staffing 7882 Kelly Owsley 02/21/2018
Cintas Corp Uniforms & Garments; Janitorial Items 6003 Franklin Godinez 09/27/2017
Nevada Crystal Premium Water - Bottled; Dispenser Rentals & Accessories 6846 Kelly Owsley 11/16/2018
IBM Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and related services 7286 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2018
Various Vendors Alternative Fuel Vehicle 7845 Kelly Owsley 10/31/2018
Various Vendors Fleet Vehicle 7846 Kelly Owsley 10/31/2018
CDW, LLC Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 6912 Kelly Owsley 11/18/2018
AT&T Mobility Wireless Communication Services 6239

Kelly Owsley

MedicWest Ambulance, Inc Emergency Medical Services 8263 Rhonda Dale 12/09/2018
Trend Offset Printing, Inc Printing Services 6513 Kelly Owsley 04/03/2018
Isaacson Miller, Inc Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6501 Debra Kuhn 04/09/2018
Academic Search, Inc Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6503 Debra Kuhn 02/20/2018
Storbeck Pimentel & Associates Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6499 Debra Kuhn 03/11/2018
Diversified Search Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6502 Debra Kuhn 02/25/2018
Selge Holdings & Ventures dba Wheless Partners Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6500 Debra Kuhn 03/30/2017
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services dba EFL Associates Employment Services (Head Hunters) 6504 Debra Kuhn 03/13/2018
The Remi Group Equipment Maintenance Management Services 5607 Kelly Owsley 06/03/2019
4Imprint, Inc Promotional Items 6771 Debra Kuhn 10/20/2018
AB Unlimited Worldwide Inc Promotional Items 6772 Debra Kuhn 10/20/2018
Club Colors Buyer, LLC Promotional Items 6774 Debra Kuhn 10/20/2018
SO, LLC dba Eagle Promotions Promotional Items 6775 Debra Kuhn 10/20/2018
Sky High Marketing, Inc Promotional Items 6746 Debra Kuhn 11/10/2018
Randy Strong/ Safeguard Business Systems dba Safeguard by Strong Promotional Items 6777 Debra Kuhn 10/20/2018
Various Vendors Furniture Various Contact your assigned Buyer 01/01/2016
Office Depot, Inc Promotional Items 6776 Debra Kuhn 12/08/2018
Aqua Element LLC Water- Bottle-less Water Dispensers and Maintenance 6909 Kelly Owsley 12/10/2018
Taylored Fleet Solutions (Club Car) Golf Carts 7277 Franklin Godinez 12/31/2017
Busco, Inc. dba Arrow Stage Lines Charter Bus Services 7288 Angela Mendoza 12/03/2017
LD Tours, LLC Charter Bus Services 7296 Angela Mendoza 10/15/2017
RSVP Party Rentals, Inc. Party Rentals 7675 Rhonda Dale 09/06/2018
Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc. Traffic Equipment 7672 Rhonda Dale 09/14/2018
F&S Corporation dba Nevada Linen Linen Rental 7674 Rhonda Dale 09/14/2018
Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Equipment Rental 7670 Rhonda Dale 09/16/2018
Cashman Equipment Company. Equipment Rental 7669 Rhonda Dale 09/19/2018
Bear Communications, Inc. Equipment Rental - Radios 7671 Rhonda Dale 09/21/2018
Sunstate Equipment Co. Equipment Rental 7668 Rhonda Dale 09/27/2018
Trade Show Technical Equipment Rental - Audio/Visual 7673 Rhonda Dale 09/25/2018
Textron Inc (EZ-GO and Cushman) Golf Carts 7507 Franklin Godinez 12/31/2018
Puliz Moving and Storage Co. Moving and Storage Services 7779 Kelly Owsley 12/20/2018
Assured Document Destruction Document Destruction 7783 Angela Mendoza 10/31/2020
22nd Century Technologies, Inc. Temporary Staffing 7887 Kelly Owsley 02/23/2019
Crescent Staffing Temporary Staffing 7878 Kelly Owsley 02/23/2018
Millenium Staffing Solutions Temporary Staffing 7874 Kelly Owsley 02/22/2019
My Next Career Path Staff, LLC Temporary Staffing 7885 Kelly Owsley 02/22/2019
3Di, Inc. Temporary Staffing 7940 Kelly Owsley 04/16/2019