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Supplier Description Contract Number Buyer Expiration Date
Glide Installations LLC Furniture Moving and Installation Services 10722 Kelly Owsley 08/15/2027
ABS Facility Services Furniture Moving and Installation Services 10721 Kelly Owsley 08/08/2027
Nevada North American Furniture Moving and Installation Services 10719 Kelly Owsley 08/18/2027
Ahern Rentals, Inc. Rental - Equipment 10648 Rhonda Dale 09/13/2023
Herc Rentals, Inc. Rental - Equipment 10650 Rhonda Dale 09/06/2023
Source One Events Rental - Equipment 10661 Rhonda Dale 09/05/2023
Silsam, Inc dba Rebel Party Rentals Party Rentals 10654 Rhonda Dale 08/31/2023
H&E Equipment Services, Inc. Rental - Equipment 10649 Rhonda Dale 08/29/2023
New World Audio, Inc. Rental - Equipment 10652 Rhonda Dale 08/29/2023
Gold Hill Associates, LLC Executive Search Firm Services  10486 Kelly Owsley 11/4/2023
Academic Career & Executive Search LLC Executive Search Firm Services 10483 Kelly Owsley 5/02/2023
Academic Search Inc. Executive Search Firm Services 10484 Kelly Owsley
Witt Kieffer Inc. Executive Search Firm Services 10481 Kelly Owsley 5/02/2023
Issaacson Miller Executive Search Firm Services 10485 Kelly Owsley 5/02/2023
Korn Ferry Executive Search Firm Services 10482 Kelly Owsley 5/02/2023
Holiday Motor Coach Charter Bus Service 10358 Rhonda Dale 03/14/2023
GPTLS, LLC Charter Bus Service 10357 Rhonda Dale 03/20/2023
TC Nevada, LLC Charter Bus Service 10361 Rhonda Dale 03/10/2023
American Transportation Systems Charter Bus Service 10355 Rhonda Dale 03/10/2023
3Play Media, Inc Transcription Services 8389 Chelsea Meggerson 04/07/2023
4Imprint, Inc Promotional Items 9557 Debra Kuhn 05/18/2023
Airgas, Inc. Gases (Compressed and Liquid) 10135 Belia Guzman 9/30/2024
AllWorld Language Consultants, Inc Transcription Services 8394 Chelsea Meggerson 05/17/2023
Alsco, Inc. - Linen Rental Services Linen Rental Services 8873 Corey Kline 03/24/2023
American Business Forms Promotional Items 9559 Debra Kuhn 08/16/2023
American Sign Language Communication Transcription Services 8309 Chelsea Meggerson 03/14/2023
Apple Computers, Inc. Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7285 Kelly Owsley 02/28/2023
Aramark Educational Services, LLC Food Services 5448 Kelly Owsley 12/15/2023
Assured Document Destruction Document Destruction 10831 Belia Guzman


Bell Trans Charter Bus Service 10356 Rhonda Dale 03/06/2023
CDW, LLC Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 6912 Kelly Owsley 07/31/2027
Century Security & Event Staffing Temporary Staffing 7881 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Cintas Corporation No. 2 Uniform Rental Services 9493 Ashley Kordestani 10/31/2023
Collaborative Braintrust Consulting Firm, Inc. Leadership Coaching Services 9427 Kelly Owsley 05/11/2023
Crescent Staffing Temporary Staffing 7878 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Dell Marketing L.P. Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7271 Kelly Owsley 02/28/2023
Enterprise Rent A Car Rental - Vehicle 9337 Kelly Owsley 09/15/2025
F&S Corporation dba Nevada Linen Linen Rental 10651 Rhonda Dale 09/06/2023
Filtration Group Disposable Air Filters 9359 Corey Kline 12/31/2022
Fisher Scientific Laboratory Supplies 7562 Belia Guzman 3/31/2023
Grainger Industrial Supplies 9122 Ashley Kordestani 09/30/2023
Hertz Rental - Vehicle 9336 Kelly Owsley 05/21/2025
Hewlett Packard Corp Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7272 Kelly Owsley 02/28/2023
Howroyd Wright Employment Agency dba AppleOne Temporary Staffing 7880 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Intellitext LLC Transcription Services 8393 Chelsea Meggerson 04/01/2023
Interlink Innovations dba Gorilla Marketing Promotional Items 9558 Debra Kuhn 06/10/2023
LD Tours Charter Bus Service 10359 Rhonda Dale 03/06/2023
Lenovo Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services 7281 Kelly Owsley 02/28/2023
Loomis Armored US LLC  Armored Car Services 9840 Rhonda Dale 05/27/2023
Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada Temporary Staffing 7877 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Marathon Staffing Temporary Staffing 7879 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
MedicWest Ambulance, Inc Emergency Medical Services 8263 Rhonda Dale 12/09/2022
Morco dba Divine Line Promotional Items 9563 Debra Kuhn 05/18/2023
My Next Career Path Staff, LLC Temporary Staffing 7885 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Odyssey APS Group Inc Temporary Staffing 7882 Kelly Owsley 12/31/2022
Office Depot, Inc Promotional Items 9562 Debra Kuhn 07/14/2023
ODP Business Solutions, LLC Office Supplies 10146 Kelly Owsley 06/30/2024
Preventive Pest Control Las Vegas, LLC Extermination 8877 Corey Kline 03/10/2023
Promotion Imprints dba Proforma Imprints Promotional Items 9561 Debra Kuhn 07/23/2023
RSVP Party Rentals, Inc. Party Rentals 10653 Rhonda Dale 08/26/2023
Royal Coach Tours Charter Bus Service 10360 Rhonda Dale 03/06/2023
Smith Research & Development, LLC Leadership Coaching Services 9429 Kelly Owsley 05/13/2023
Sky High Marketing, Inc Promotional Items 9560 Debra Kuhn 06/14/2023
Southern Nevada Mailers, LLC Mail Services, Bulk Mail Handling 8146 Kelly Owsley 12/13/2022
Tahoe Springs, LLC Water - Bottled; Dispenser Rentals & Accessories 9256 Kelly Owsley 10/16/2023
Taylored Fleet Solutions (Club Car) Golf Carts 9413 Corey Kline 12/31/2026
Textron Inc (EZ-GO and Cushman) Golf Carts 10406 Corey Kline 09/30/2024
The Remi Group Equipment Maintenance Management Services 9115 Kelly Owsley 03/31/2023
VWR International Laboratory Supplies 10130 Belia Guzman 3/31/2023
Various Vendors Furniture Various Contact your assigned Buyer 01/01/2024
Various Vendors Fleet Vehicle Various Kelly Owsley 06/30/2023
Various Vendors Moving Services Various Contact your assigned Buyer 01/01/2023
Ziksana Consulting, Inc. Leadership Coaching Services 9432 Kelly Owsley 05/11/2023