David Copeland

Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, UNLV Reasoning and Memory Lab
Undergraduate Director, Psychology
Expertise: Psychology, Memory, Reasoning, thinking / cognitive processes, Thinking/cognitive processes, Reading


David Copeland is an associate professor of psychology, undergraduate director in psychology, and chair of the cognitive area. He is also the director of the Reasoning and Memory Lab at UNLV.

Copeland's research focuses on memory for what people read and for events that are experienced. His research also examines topics related to how people think, reason, and make decisions, as well as factors that can influence those processes (e.g., normal aging, distractions, individual differences). In addition to those topics, he has also collaborated with researchers from a variety of areas, including engineering, social psychology, foster child care, law enforcement, and education.

Copeland has been involved with the Las Vegas community by speaking to groups at various UNLV campus events, discussing psychology and careers with students from Clark County School District high schools, working with Advanced Placement high school teachers, consulting with Nevada businesses and government agencies, and presenting at local events such as the Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival.

Copeland is a recipient of the UNLV William Morris Award for Excellence in Teaching, UNLV Graduate & Professional Student Association Outstanding Mentor Award, UNLV Division of Student Affairs Outstanding Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award, and the UNLV Academic Success Center Faculty Award.


  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
  • B.A., Cleveland State University

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