Jennifer Byrnes

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Expertise: Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Human Remains, Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Biology, Personal Identification


Jennifer Byrnes is an expert in bioarchaeology (the study of archaeologically derived human remains) and forensic anthropology (modern/recent human remains). Her bioarchaeology work focuses on disability and impairment in humans in the past, particularly injuries resulting from trauma and/or pathology that leave changes on the bones. 

Her research in forensic anthropology centers on personal identification and the reliability of positive identifications made using medical imaging comparisons.

Byrnes' work has been published in numerous academic journals, including the Journal of Forensic Sciences and Archeological and Anthropological Sciences.


  • Ph.D., Physical Anthropology, University of Buffalo
  • M.A., Physical Anthropology, University of Buffalo
  • B.S., Biology, SUNY College at Geneseo

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Jennifer Byrnes In The News

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As environmental crises cause a Las Vegas reservoir to recede, a trail of bodies from decades past is revealed.
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This year, as human-caused climate change steadily warms the planet, depleting bodies of water, melting ice, and strengthening storms exposed a bevy of lost treasures and forgotten stories.

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