Accomplishments: College of Liberal Arts

August 20, 2019
Maurice Finocchiaro (Philosophy) just received some advance copies of his new book, On Trial for Reason: Science, Religion, and Culture in the Galileo Affair, published by Oxford University Press in Britain. This is a “trade book,” aimed at educated laypersons, as well as specialized scholars. Accordingly, it is a summary, synthesis, and simplification of Finocchiaro’s many scholarly publications; also an elaboration of a public lecture which he has frequently presented to general...
August 19, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) published a paper in American Journal on Addictions, "Psychopathology and Hypersexuality among Veterans with and without Histories of Alcohol‐use Disorders." The paper examined differences among U.S. military veterans with lifetime alcohol use disorder compared with those without on select measures of psychopathology, sexual behavior, and hypersexuality. Further screening for substance‐use disorders and hypersexuality in Veterans Affairs was recommended  for U.S....
August 19, 2019
Marina Colacicchi-Garber (World Languages and Cultures) will read selected poems from the book Everyone in His Own Paradise (Vodoley Publishing, Moscow, 2015), as well as more recent texts gathered under a working title A Canary in a Mineshaft, next month at the Tompkins Square Public Library in New York. The event is organized by Grigory Starikovsky, the curator of the library's Russian Reading Series. Additionally, her critical essay “Do Not Lead Me to Speak” about the most recent poetry...
August 16, 2019
Christopher Kearney (Psychology) published his fourteenth book, and eighth with Oxford University Press, "Helping Families of Youth with School Attendance Problems: A Practical Guide for Mental Health and School-Based Professionals." The book is the first in a special series by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (the ABCT Clinical Practice Series) that is designed to help clinicians effectively master and implement evidence-based treatment approaches.
August 14, 2019
Kenneth Miller (Political Science) published an article "The Divided Labor of Attack Advertising in Congressional Campaigns" in The Journal of Politics showing that candidates outsource the role of negative advertising to Super PACs and other outside groups, and as a result of the substitution campaigns become more issue-based and less focused on personal attacks.        
August 14, 2019
Jean Munson (WRIN) returned home this month from attending the Girls Leadership Power Collaborative on scholarship as a program manager of the National Education for Women's Leadership. She was able to participate and learn about the latest research on the world of learning for women and girls, explore what it means to be a culturally responsive mentor, and develop strategies to address trauma from an asset-based approach. Girls Leadership had attendees from all over the country who...
August 7, 2019
Ashley Schobert (Law and Brookings Mountain West) recently wrote a report with Brookings Senior Fellow Richard Reeves titled "Elite or Elitist? Lessons for Colleges from Selective High Schools." In the report, the pair present data that show how selective high schools are racially unrepresentative of the districts they are located in, and discuss past and future reform. Schobert currently is completing a prestigious internship for the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at the Brookings...
August 5, 2019
Tyler D. Parry (Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies) was part of a panel discussion, "Is Trump a Racist?" for the news show CrossTalk produced by Russia Today TV.  He is a new assistant professor for the African American and African Diaspora Studies program. 
August 2, 2019
Rebecca Gill (Political Science) and her colleague Adam Feldman (Empircal SCOTUS) have published an article, "Power Dynamics in Supreme Court Oral Arguments: The Relationship between Gender and Justice-to-Justice Interruptions," in Justice System Journal. In this article, the authors examine how gendered norms of professional speech affect the ability of female Supreme Court justices to exercise power in oral argument. The results show that women are interrupted more than men, which compromises...
August 1, 2019
Black Mountain Institute (Liberal Arts) recently sold out of its Spring 2019 "Disarm"-themed issue of Witness magazine. Included in the issue are the winners and runners-up of the inaugural Witness Literary Awards in Fiction and Poetry, chosen by judges Lesley Nneka Arimah and Hanif Abdurraqib.    
July 30, 2019
Rebecca Gill (Political Science), along with colleagues Stella Rouse (University of Maryland College Park), Libby Sharrow (UMASS Amherst), and Nadia Brown (Purdue University), have been awarded a collaborative grant totaling $1,000,794 from the National Science Foundation's ADVANCE program (HRD:1936045). The project, called "#MeTooPoliSci Leveraging A Professional Association to Address Sexual Harassment in Political Science," capitalizes on the power that professional associations have to...
July 30, 2019
Elizabeth Lawrence (Sociology) had her research featured in a Las Vegas Review -Journal article, "UNLV Researchers Tighten Link between Lack of Education, Child Deaths."