Experts: William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

An expert in gambling and esports.
An expert on gaming and society, Bernhard has been featured on CNN, The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and The History Channel.
An expert in business practices within the golf and hospitality industry.
An expert in leadership development, performance-based coaching, ethical leadership, and workplace spirituality
An expert in casino marketing, casino management, slot operations and business operations analysis.
An expert in food and beverage operational management, event management, wine education, and etiquette.
An expert in hospitality innovation, business development, esports, and technology incubation. 
An expert on tourism, gaming, and slot machines.  
An expert in health care tourism, consumer loyalty, consumer loyalty programs, strategic pricing, and revenue management.
An expert in organization behavior
An expert on hospitality and sports marketing, resort entertainment, and event planning. 
An expert in hospitality and employment law, labor relations, hotel security, and risk management