Kweisi Ausar

Assistant Professor, Hospitality
Expertise: Leadership Development, Performance-Based Coaching, Ethical Leadership, Workplace spirituality


Kweisi Ausar is an assistant professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas specializing in exploring perceptions and behaviors of managers and employees in organizational contexts. Ausar has authored and co-authored articles on authentic leadership, ethical leadership, employee engagement, supervisor support, and spirituality in the workplace. He currently has research projects underway focused on the dark side of leadership, such abusive supervision and workplace incivility.

Ausar has a wealth of business experience working his way up from the employee level to a senior leader with a Fortune 300 company during his 23-year corporate career.

As a former corporate executive, Ausar has a strong background in strategic human capital development and knows what it takes to make career transitions. He is an expert in people development from both practical and academic perspectives.


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Dr. Kweisi Ausar is an educator, author, researcher, and founder of the Center for Spiritual Cultivation. As an Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Dr. Ausar conducts research on workplace spirituality and other topics related to human dynamics in organizations. In January of 2021, Dr. Ausar published his memoir, No Sur: Breaking the Chains that Bind the Spirit, in which he details how spiritual cultivation revolutionized his existence and led to the realization of his goals and dreams.This week, we're going deeper by talking with Kweisi about what workplace spirituality actually looks like in practice, as well as how his own spiritual journey has helped him through challenges throughout his life, including family issues, addiction, and racial discrimination.

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