A female student visiting an Italian-themed resort at Lake Las Vegas.

Department of Sociology News

The sociology department teaches courses that concern human behavior, social life and social change. Many topics are examined, including marriage and family, religion, crime and delinquency, deviance, work and occupations, leisure and sports, economic inequalities, race and ethnic relations, and gender.

Current Sociology News

Campus News | February 3, 2021

A collection of news stories from the new year highlighting the experts and events at UNLV.

Professor Nancy Lough standing in front of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas
People | January 4, 2021

Great places are made of great people. Here are a few who made the news in 2020.

Claytee White sits in a chair and gestures toward a woman sitting to her right
Arts and Culture | December 30, 2020

A sampling of university experts who sounded off on the year’s monumental movements surrounding race, ethnicity, and gender.

A woman sits on a couch holding on to a large dog
People | October 16, 2020

Graduate College Alumna of the Year's time at UNLV left her with an appreciation for parsing differing, and often contradictory, viewpoints en route to becoming a champion for animals.

A woman poses in front of a large window
People | October 9, 2020

Sociology bachelor's has been foundational for College of Liberal Arts alumna of the year's ascent to heights of corporate leadership.

Nicole Santero at home, surrounded by BTS memorabilia, including a poster.
People | August 3, 2020

Nicole Santero balances her job communicating about the School of Public Health with her doctoral research on the BTS phenomenon.

Sociology In The News

Nevada Current
February 18, 2021

Following summer protests calling for reforms to policing, the newly launched Nevada chapter of the Fines and Fees Justice Center along with UNLV sociology students began probing local data on traffic tickets to see who is most likely to receive citations.

February 3, 2021

Savannah Benavidez stopped working as a doctor's secretary in June to look after her two-year-old son after the nursery closed. Having to survive, she created an account on OnlyFans - a social networking platform where users sell original content to monthly subscribers - and started posting photos of herself naked or with a piece of lingerie.

January 30, 2021

A Las Vegas man has been identified for his alleged involvement in the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

January 28, 2021

Savannah Benavidez quit her job collecting medical bills in June to look after her two-year-old son after the daycare center closed. Needing a way to pay her bills, she joined OnlyFans - a social media platform on which users sell original content to monthly subscribers - and started posting pictures of herself naked or in lingerie.

Las Vegas Sun
January 21, 2021

When companies like Google, Apple and Amazon cut their business ties with the Henderson-based social media site Parler by removing its app from their platforms, many Americans undoubtedly saw it as a positive step toward curbing the violent right-wing extremism that is plaguing the nation.

New York Times
January 14, 2021

Savannah Benavidez stopped working at her job as a medical biller in June to take care of her 2-year-old son after his day care shut down. Needing a way to pay her bills, she created an account on OnlyFans — a social media platform where users sell original content to monthly subscribers — and started posting photos of herself nude or in lingerie.

Sociology Experts

An expert in both urban sustainability and political extremism, including white supremacy
An expert on the intersection of medicine and sex, gender, and sexuality
An expert in gender, sexuality, sexual politics, prostitution, sex work and sex trafficking.
An expert in urban poverty and race
An expert in urban culture and interactions, popular culture, religion and spirituality, craft beer, and the Boston Red Sox.
An expert in health and social inequality.

Recent Sociology Accomplishments

February 25, 2021
Benjamin Burroughs, Ben Morse, Michael Carmona (all Journalism and Media Studies), and Travis Snow (Sociology) presented a panel, "Watching Watchmen: Race and Anonymity" at the Far West Popular Culture Conference hosted by UNLV earlier this month. 
February 24, 2021
Simon Gottschalk's (Sociology) interview on The Internet and the Infantilization of Western Society has just been published in the Portugese magazine SHIFTER. Gottschalk reflects on his writings in The Terminal Self: Everyday Life in Hypermodern Times (Routledge) and his Salon article The Infantilization of Western Culture...
January 11, 2021
Tirth Bhatta (Sociology), Nirmala Lekhak (Nursing), and their colleagues developed a brief, reliable, and valid altruism scale that is useful for assessing this important prosocial orientation and resource among older adults and other age groups. Despite growing interest in the health significance of altruistic orientations, surprisingly little...
December 7, 2020
Tirth Bhatta (Sociology) and Nirmala Lekhak (Nursing) collaborated with Eva Kahana of the sociology department at Case Western Reserve University and Boaz Kahana to publish a research article, "Loving Others: The Impact of Compassionate Love on Later Life Psychological Well-being," in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B. The article concerns the...
December 1, 2020
Anjala Krishen (Marketing), Han-fen Hu (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology), Andrew Spivak (Sociology), and  Olesya Venger (Journalism) recently had their paper, "The Danger of Flavor: E-cigarettes, Social Media, and the Interplay of Generations," accepted by the Journal of Business Research. This interdisciplinary study evaluates the...
December 1, 2020
Elizabeth Lawrence (Sociology) and colleagues published two articles, "A Gender Framework for Understanding Health Lifestyles" and "Developing Health Lifestyle Pathways and Social Inequalities Across Early Childhood."