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After a dip from 2017 to 2021, it looks like America’s ultimate sporting event is back on top.

NBC News

Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery announced plans Tuesday to launch a streaming service that could become the biggest single source of sports content for cord-cutting consumers.

Psychology Today

Children respond differently to their parents' trauma, causing estrangement.

Psychology Today

Siblings respond differently to a parent's trauma, causing estrangement.

Nevada Current

Data compiled by the UNLV and Nevada chapter of the Fines and Fees Justice Center in 2020 showed Black and Hispanic drivers, as well as those from the poorest ZIP codes, were disproportionately stopped in the City of Las Vegas.

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Amid threats to elections officials, disinformation about the security of U.S. voting systems and ongoing fallout from the Jan. 6 insurrection, scientists who study social movements have a lot to teach us about how we got here.


The EU Parliament is calling on states to punish sex buyers instead of sex workers in the future. But there are different opinions as to whether this is the right path.

Desert Companion

Lin ‘Spit’ Newborn and Daniel Shersty were murdered 25 years ago. Their legacies still reverberate through Las Vegas


During the pandemic, work changed. More people worked at home because COVID-19 was so contagious.

City Cast Las Vegas

For over 50 years, Nevada has been the only U.S. state with legalized prostitution — but it’s only allowed in brothels, and even then, only in a few rural counties. A small grassroots effort is underway this summer to expand legal brothels to Douglas and Churchill Counties — but why not Clark County? How did Sin City opt out of this particular “sin”? Today, co-host Dayvid Figler chats with UNLV sociology professor Barb Brents, a leading expert on sexual commerce, about how we got here, and if (and how) Clark County could get brothels, too.


You’re a young adult in a relationship. Maybe you’re married. Maybe you don’t want to be. But you’re still thinking about buying a house. You each have or want a car. And there are student loans. Then, do you want the thing that often comes next? Kids? Based on current trends, probably not.


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A study conducted by the International Gaming Institute of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recounts the experience of Covid in casinos in Canada, the USA, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.