Published: Anjala Krishen

Anjala S. Krishen (Marketing & International Business) had a paper, "Harnessing the Waiting Experience: Anticipation, Expectations, and WOM," accepted in Journal of Services Marketing. This interdisciplinary work was conducted in collaboration with the Shark Reef Exhibit at Mandalay Bay and co-authored with Brian Robison and two UNLV doctoral alums, Orie Berezan, assistant professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and Shaurya Agarwal, assistant professor at University of Central Florida. In addition to this newly accepted paper, she also had seven papers accepted in 2019, including two in Psychology & Marketing, one co-authored with Berezan and Carola Raab (Hospitality); three in Journal of Business Research, one co-authored with Han-fen Hu (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology); and two with Berezan, Agarwal, and Pushkin Kachroo (Electrical and Computer Engineering); one in Journal of Marketing Analytics, and a pedagogical paper on gender in the professoriate with co-author Robyn Raschke (Accounting) in Journal of Marketing Education. In addition, in 2019 she published a co-edited book, Marketing & Humanity: Discourses in the Real World, with Berezan. In the book she co-authored five chapters. The chapters were co-authored by several interdisciplinary UNLV faculty, graduate students, and alumni including Raschke, Nancy Lough (Educational Psychology and Higher Education), Jennifer Pharr (Environmental and Occupational Health), Hu, Eduardo Robleto (Life Sciences), Axenya Kachen (Public Health), Sheen Kachen (Finance), and alumnus Jason Meza. Axenya Kachen and Sheen Kachen both are graduate students.


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