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The Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education provides instruction in, and the delivery of, innovative research to inform the educational process from early childhood through higher education.

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Students use a surveying instrument during a class on UNLV's campus
Research | November 5, 2020

Five-year project supported by a $2.5 million National Science Foundation grant.

Alice Corkill sitting at a table in a garden.
People | October 5, 2020

Inspired by an instructor during her undergraduate years, the education professor now strives to similarly motivate her students.

Campus News | September 15, 2020

UNLV takes on another school semester with precaution and discovery.

child using tablet for remote learning
Business and Community | September 1, 2020

UNLV College of Education professor Bradley Marianno examines the role of teachers and their unions in advocating for safety and equity in fall school return plans.

Representatives from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians wrap UNLV Marta Meana in a blanket as part of the tribe's gift announcement to the university.
Campus News | March 5, 2020

A collection of news stories from February highlighting the people and research of UNLV.

Campus News | February 18, 2020

A collection of news stories capturing the excitement and accomplishments of UNLV at the start of a new decade.

Educational Psychology and Higher Education In The News

Education Week
December 3, 2020

Throughout the pandemic, teachers’ unions in many states and large districts have played a powerful role in negotiating school closures and reopenings. And with coronavirus cases surging around the nation, the labor groups are continuing to flex their political muscle, most often pushing for a more conservative approach to getting teachers and kids back in buildings.

November 17, 2020

In his victory speech, President-elect Joe Biden said it was a “great day” for America’s educators because “one of your own” would be in the White House, referring to his wife, Jill Biden, a member of the country’s largest teachers union.

The 74
November 9, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden might have won the White House, but his expansive education plan will soon hit a Congress that has far fewer Democrats than envisioned under the “Blue Wave” forecast prior to the election.

Sports Business Journal
November 3, 2020

The authors’ thought leadership is shared through the efforts of The Collective Think Tank. The Collective, Wasserman’s women-focused division, has assembled this global consortium of some of today’s greatest academic minds and industry leaders focused on gender parity and improvement.

Book Club Chicago
October 15, 2020

As Chicago weighs a school reopening plan for the year’s second quarter, one thing is conspicuously absent: an agreement with the city’s restive and powerful teachers union.

October 8, 2020

Over the course of a few days in mid-May in Providence, in between homeschooling her 5- and 9-year-olds, grading undergrad research papers, baking bread, revising her first book, and co-chairing Brown University’s Healthy Fall 2020 Task Force over Zoom, Emily Oster sat down in front of her laptop with a steady supply of coffee.

Educational Psychology and Higher Education Experts

An expert in argumentation and critical thinking in education environments.
An expert on college access and higher education policy.
An expert in local and state educational policy change, teacher labor policy, teacher's unions, and school district policy-decision making.
An expert on fostering educational pathways for underrepresented students.
An expert in educational interest and choice.
An expert in inclusion of and rights for students with disabilities.

Recent Educational Psychology and Higher Education Accomplishments

December 4, 2020
Federick Ngo (Educational Psychology and Higher Education) published a study with co-author Elizabeth S. Park (UC Irvine) in the journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Titled "The Effect of Developmental Math on STEM Participation in Community College: Variation by Race, Gender, Achievement, and Aspiration," the study examines how...
December 1, 2020
Jacob D. Skousen (Educational Psychology and Higher Education) and his colleagues, Spencer Weiler, Jason Kopanke, and Luke Cornelius, published "Taking Aim at Preventing School Shootings: A Comparative Analysis of School Board Policy Related to the Practice of Arming Educators" in the Journal of School Violence.  The issue of school safety is of...
November 30, 2020
Stefani Relles (Educational Psychology and Higher Education) and Charles Burmeister (Film) are involved in a documentary film project, "Mattering in the Margins: Skateboarders’ Stories of Mental Health Challenges and Opportunities." The project will involve producing a documentary using cinematic methods that were developed at UNLV with funding...
November 25, 2020
Miguel M. Gonzales, Dana Bickmore, and Maria Roberts (all Educational Psychology and Higher Education) had a study published in the Journal of Research on Leadership Education. All three work in the educational policy and leadership program. This study examines what aspiring principal candidates in one university base preparation program learned...
November 23, 2020
Dana Bickmore, Maria Roberts, and Miguel Gonzales (all Educational Psychology and Higher Education) recently presented at the University Council of Educational Administrators annual conference.  Their presentation, “Exploring Principal Communities of Practice and School Improvement,” reviewed their research conducted in conjunction with Clark...
November 23, 2020
Dañelle Sundell and Federick Ngo (Educational Psychology and Higher Education) presented a co-authored paper at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Titled "Community College Students with Disabilities: An Intersectional Analysis," the study examined the academic progress and college completion of more than...