Completing Onboarding

A School of Medicine Human Resources Department representative will contact the new hire via email and set up an appointment time, typically on the first day of employment, to complete new hire paperwork and badge processing — School's employees are required to wear a picture ID badge during work hours.

During onboarding, the School's Human Resources Department will assist you with answering questions, making sure you have appropriate access to Workday, and provide you with an overview of the School of Medicine.

Clinical faculty will participate in additional onboarding processes through the UNLV Health Practice Plan. A representative from the Practice Plan will contact the employee.

Note: New hires should have their I-9 form completed within three business days of their hire date.

Scheduling New Hire Orientation

  1. New hires receive benefit information from the main UNLV Human Resources Office. Due to COVID-19, there are no in-person orientations. For more information, please visit the main UNLV Human Resources website.
  2. The School of Medicine Human Resources Department conducts new employee orientation.
    • New hires and/or existing employees are invited to the next scheduled orientation.
    • Orientations are conducted throughout the year to provide new and existing employees with an understanding of the School's culture, governance, and operations, the interrelatedness between UNLV and the Practice Plan, and to foster employee engagement.
    • Employees are expected to attend at least one of the School's orientations within the first year of hire and periodically throughout their employment with the School.
  3. Department hiring managers should also conduct a departmental orientation with new employees as an introduction to the department and job expectations.
  4. Faculty physicians have an additional orientation with UNLV Health, the clinical practice affiliated with the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. A representative from the Practice Plan will contact the employee.