The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to have the ability, based upon private funding, to award annual scholarships to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students pursuing a degree within the College of Liberal Arts (COLA). Liberal Arts students must complete a FAFSA application or alternate need form to be considered for all applicable departmental and COLA scholarships.

Please Note: The scholarships awarded may vary from year to year based upon continued funding. Scholarships do not automatically renew. All students must reapply annually for scholarship eligibility.

Unless otherwise stated, scholarships shall be awarded to a student(s) meeting the following criteria:

  1. Student must be formally admitted to UNLV;
  2. In order to qualify for need-based scholarships, student must demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA or alternate need form;
  3. Graduate student must have 6 credits of enrollment and a minimum 3.0 GPA;

Please Note: The College of Liberal Arts only requires a FAFSA application or alternate need form. Please disregard any criteria that requires a UNLV Scholarship application.

Scholarships are awarded based upon factors established by the private donor, the College of Liberal Arts, and UNLV. Examples of such factors can be, but not limited to, GPA within a discipline, financial need, major, etc. Be sure to read the individual scholarship information for more detailed information.

The College of Liberal Arts and its academic departments must consider all students who have completed a FAFSA application or alternate need form and who meet specific donor criteria. Only students on the Student Financial Services list may be selected for awards.

To find out more about other scholarship opportunities, visit the UNLV’s Financial Aid & Scholarships page.

Scholarship Application & Instructions

Application Deadline: Each student must complete the FAFSA application or alternate need form by February 15 to be eligible for priority first-round awarding. Applications will continue to be accepted after February 15, but are not guaranteed to be considered for awarding if all funding is disbursed during the initial round of awarding. Applications will remain on record until the end of the spring semester.

To apply you must complete the following items:

  • Complete the FAFSA form or alternate need form for the upcoming school year to be eligible and considered for need-based scholarships. The priority date for filing the FAFSA or alternate need form for UNLV is November 1. FAFSA or alternate need form data are provided to the College of Liberal Arts by Student Financial Services.

The College of Liberal Arts department scholarship committees will review applications and select the winners for department awards. The process begins in March and first-round awarding is determined by May 1. Scholarship nominees will be notified via their university email by May 30. Scholarship recipients receive an award letter and packet indicating the following:

  • Scholarship fact sheet – including the scholarship name and description; award amount; and requirements to maintain the scholarship for the current academic year.
  • Complete a Scholarship Acknowledgement Form
  • Submit a handwritten, personal thank you note to the donor.

All required items are to be returned to the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office, CHB-B 519.

COLA Assistance Grants

Student Assistance Funding for Emergency Relief (SAFER) Program

These emergency grants are designed to help liberal arts undergraduate students facing hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other life challenges. We want to ensure students don't have to choose between paying for life's necessities and continuing their education. Grant funding must be used towards education and course needs only - at this time. The full program description, eligibility, and application process are below.


Sara Heneghan

NSHE Specialist, College of Liberal Arts
Office of the Dean