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woman in red dress in crowd
Jun. 18, 2019

Triple-major Martha Amaya’s research explores the interactions between policing, public policy, and crowd science.

A woman leans against a chain-link fence as the sun sets in the background.
Jun. 11, 2019

A new book reveals how current social structures thwart the mobility of black and brown youth, even those who ‘play by the rules.’

hand holding cell phone with social media apps on screen
Jun. 7, 2019

UNLV sociology doctoral students study how two politically polarized activist groups use social media to organize and impact legislation.

A man in a UNLV basketball jersey leans on a gold-colored Oldsmobile.
Jun. 5, 2019

Francisco Franco used to commute to school in a stock Oldsmobile in the late 1990s. When he was invited last year to bring the same car — now a custom lowrider — back for an art exhibit, it was a full-circle moment for the UNLV alumnus.

silhouette of woman holding razor against blue background
Jun. 4, 2019

New UNLV study lays bare cultural reasons around the globe for bikini waxing and man-scaping.

Pete Reyes poses next to a bookshelf.
May. 28, 2019

A two-time UNLV alum, Pete Reyes is studying for a third degree while working full time and making indie-electronic albums.


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  • Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

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