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Anthropology focuses on the spectrum of the human experience - past and present. An anthropology degree balances practical, applied, and theoretical research within liberal arts, as well as interdisciplinary education.

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The English department offers a variety of courses in literature, language and writing. Our majors explore literature as an artistic medium from both theoretical and historical perspectives, in the process honing students' analytical and writing skills.

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The Great Works Academic Certificate (GWAC) Program provides students with an opportunity to take part in a conversation with some of the best thinkers of all time.

Great Works

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The history department's curriculum embraces the panorama of the past while also helping students to fulfill their constitutions, humanities, multicultural, and international requirements.

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Professor of Interdisciplinary degree programs

The Interdisciplinary Gender and Ethnic Studies allow students to create degree programs from courses across disciplinary boundaries, including cultural studies, linguistic studies, Asian studies, Latin American studies, multi-disciplinary studies, and social science studies.

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Professor of Philosophy

The philosophy department offers its majors a balanced curriculum of courses in the history of philosophy and in the most recent philosophical theories.

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Faculty in the political science department cover a broad range of specialties including American politics, public policy, public law, political theory, comparative politics, and international politics.

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The psychology department provides a broad foundation in psychology, with further specialty courses and opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research and various applied settings. The curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in psychology, education, medicine, or related fields.

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The Social Science Methods Certificate Program provides advanced interdisciplinary methodological training for graduate students in relevant disciplines. The Certificate Program offers a certification for UNLV graduate students who complete 15 credit hours of advanced graduate research methods courses in the social sciences, at least three credits of which are taken outside of their home department.

Social Science Methods
Professor of sociology lecturing in front of class.

The sociology department teaches courses that concern human behavior, social life and social change. Many topics are examined, including marriage and family, religion, crime and delinquency, deviance, work and occupations, leisure and sports, economic inequalities, race and ethnic relations, and gender.

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With its emphasis on linguistic, cultural and critical skills, the foreign language curriculum provides students the essential skills needed to understand other cultures and to pursue careers in an increasingly global environment.

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The English Language Center (ELC) provides language instruction for international and domestic students whose first language is not English. The courses serve to improve both spoken and written English so that students may move swiftly into their major courses of study.

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Whether you are already pursuing a degree in the College of Liberal Arts or are still deciding on a field of study, we are here to support and guide you as you work toward your goal of graduation.

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