This fund honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the Department of History and was begun with gifts and investments earnings from two, small endowments honoring Rosemary Masek, and Robert and Anita Hulse.

Anita Hulse was an excellent, “returning” student who earned her BA in History in 1986. She and her husband, Robert, made this contribution in appreciation for the attention and education she received.

Rosemary Masek was among the original History Department faculty cohort. Her incredible courage and drive inspired her colleagues and students. She contracted polio soon after graduating from Hastings College in 1954, but this did not stop her from having an impressive professional career. She taught at Casper College, earned a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, and taught at UNLV from 1965 until her untimely death in the mid-1980s. A specialist in British history, she had particular interests in British women’s history and interdisciplinary programs.

The History Department Tribute Scholarship shall be awarded to a student(s) meeting the following criteria:

  1. Student may be at the graduate or undergraduate level;
  2. Student must major in History;
  3. Student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher; and
  4. Student must be formally admitted to UNLV and may be full time or part time.

Recipients may reapply for this award in subsequent years, provided they maintain the scholarship criteria and remain in good standing with the institution.

*Unless otherwise noted, all students who fill out a FAFSA or alternate need form and meet the criteria for the scholarship will be considered. No other application is needed.

*Selected award winner’s name is due to the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s office by December 1st.