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This page provides a wide variety of health resources for UNLV’s performing artists: course offerings, book recommendations, informational video, and print resources.

Current Coursework offered by the College of Fine Arts

To learn more about health issues of performing artists and how to avoid injury, consider enrolling in one of the following courses currently offered by the College of Fine Arts.

  • DAN 108: Pilates
  • DAN 351: Dance Kinesiology
  • DAN 451: Prevention of Injury
  • MUS 417: Undergraduate Vocal Pedagogy
  • MUS 480, 580: The Healthy Musician
  • MUS 748: Music Wellness
  • MUS 746: Graduate Vocal Pedagogy

Online Print Resources

The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) has produced several excellent print resources to help performers better understand the mental and physical health challenges of performing artists.

Online Video Resources

These videos by UNLV faculty contain valuable information to increase body awareness, and help avoid performance injury.

Stephen Caplan has created a series of short instructional videos. Although specifically geared for oboe players, many of the issues explored—breathing, posture, practicing—are useful for all performing artists.

Dolly Kelepecz has produced a series of Pilates videos, called Core Foundation Series, designed to increase body awareness, and improve movement efficiency.

New Reserve Books Introduced by UNLV Music Library and CFA Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention

Be the best performer you can be! Good physical and mental health enables dancers, musicians and actors to perform better and have long-lasting careers. The CFA Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention (CHIP) has partnered with the UNLV Libraries to provide resources that help performers maintain physical and mental wellness. A new bookshelf devoted to Performing Arts health has been added to the UNLV Music Library. These books explore healthy practices that will allow performing artists to give peak performances while avoiding performance injuries. Topics include stage fright, repetitive motion injuries, voice care, performance anatomy and kinesiology, as well as Yoga, Body Mapping and Alexander Technique. These Reserve Books are housed in a special bookcase in the UNLV Music Library, available for browsing or brief check out.