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The College of Fine Arts Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention (CFA CHIP)

Empowering performing artists with education about health issues and support for injury prevention and recovery.


The mission of the College of Fine Arts Consortium for Health and Injury Prevention (CFA CHIP) is to bring attention to health issues of performing artists - musicians, dancers and actors. The increased understanding of performing artists’ occupational health issues - neuromusculoskeletal health, vocal health, psychological health, nutritional health, and hearing conservation - will lead performing artists towards more meaningful practice and more powerful performances.


CFA CHIP promotes a climate of health and wellness throughout the College of Fine Arts (CFA) by:


We offer educational resources for students, faculty, and the community, as well as workshops and symposia devoted to health issues. We encourage the integration of performing arts health issues throughout the curricula of the CFA. We aim to increase awareness of the causes, risk factors, early recognition, prevention, and treatment of injuries. We also provide education about the appropriate professional medical resources and treatments available for performance related injuries, nutrition, and performance anxiety or stress related to performance, as well as the importance of accurate diagnosis.


When a performer experiences performance related pain or injury, or psychological stress related to performance, we will provide referrals to appropriate resources. When necessary we will facilitate the development of a plan for retraining, to avoid future injury. We encourage a multidisciplinary team approach with a variety of professional health practitioners, performing arts teachers, and somatic educators. This team approach values collaboration and mutual respect while maintaining professional boundaries.

The CFA Clinic for Health and Injury Prevention is located on the UNLV campus, in the Harmon Annex Building (HAB1—room 126).

Promoting Research

We recognize and promote the field of Performance Arts Medicine, and will serve as a clearinghouse for collaborative research studies. UNLV’s College of Fine Arts houses hundreds of performing artists at all stages of development and is therefore an excellent resource for anyone interested in research related to neuromusculoskeletal health, vocal health, hearing conservation, nutritional health, and psychological health.