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The Lee Graduate Student Experience

At Lee Business School, we expand and refine the skills of our graduate students to prepare them for success in their careers. Our distinct programs go beyond traditional academics by integrating students into strong networks, empowering them to build lasting connections in their chosen field, and fostering a tight-knit community among students, faculty, and alumni.

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Master’s Degrees

Lee Business School offers master’s degree programs in a variety of areas. These programs make a great addition to a bachelor’s degree in business or can complement a degree from a different discipline. Graduate students also have access to the best business faculty at UNLV and opportunities to gain experience in a variety of ways.

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The master’s program in accounting was designed to provide professional preparation at the graduate level for students wishing to pursue careers and advancement in taxation, public accounting, managerial or corporate accounting, and government.

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Applied Economics and Data Intelligence

The master’s in applied economics and data intelligence program combines skills in programming, data gathering, and data management with skills in economic theory, reasoning, and statistical analysis. These are highly-valued skills that businesses and policymakers seek.

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UNLV’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity program offers students the best of engineering and business knowledge wrapped into one degree through the Lee Business School and the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering.

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The master’s degree program in economics provides technical training to quantitatively proficient students, which helps shape them into the business and policy leaders of tomorrow. By emphasizing theoretical rigor and focusing on contemporary econometric methods, the program aims to expand critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also enhancing the ability to communicate complex information in simple and clear ways.

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Management and Information Systems

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) degree focuses on the application of technology to help achieve organizational goals and solve business problems. MIS students earn competency in IT within a business context, which provides them with well-rounded preparation for occupations in high demand.

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Quantitative Finance

The Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (MSQF) degree is perfect for those seeking to develop a solid understanding of advanced analytical skills used for decision-making. Students obtain strong knowledge of finance, learn advanced statistical and econometric skills to analyze large financial datasets, and gain exposure to the latest fintech applications. The program provides students with the skills required to calculate risk in a portfolio, predict commodity prices, price mortgage-backed securities, create algorithmic trading strategies, and develop and validate models for risk.

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MBA Programs

Pursuing your MBA is an investment in your future. We offer a variety of different ways to customize your degree to fit your career goals and your schedule.

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Evening MBA

Ranked as one of the top 100 part-time evening MBA programs by U.S. News and World Reports, the evening MBA program allows students to choose from a variety of concentrations to ensure their education will prepare them for the next step in their career. This hybrid program is designed to provide a breadth of management and business skills, knowledge, and tools to become creative and visionary leaders while learning from highly accomplished faculty in a diverse and inclusive environment.

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Executive MBA

Designed for decision-makers, innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs, the UNLV Executive MBA program at Lee Business School will catapult you to the next level of business leadership. With the intellectual value of the university’s accomplished faculty and guest lecturers from Southern Nevada’s business community and beyond, this 18-month, AACSB-accredited program offers an unrivaled combination of quality, affordability, and opportunity.

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Round out your professional skills and advance your career with a certificate offered by the LEE Business School. It is a great opportunity to further your education and it can be a stepping stone to a future graduate degree!