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Dual Master of Science Degree in Engineering (MSE) - Civil and Environmental Engineering & Master of Business Administration (MBA)



3 to 3.5 years

(full time)

Required Credits



UNLV campus

Five Reasons to pursue a dual MBA/MSE - Civil and Environmental Engineering degree at UNLV:

  • Top-ranked MBA and Civil Engineering Graduate program. U. S. News and World Report rank the part-time LEE MBA # 75 and Civil Engineering Graduate Program # 93.
  • Students develop integrated business skills and an in-depth knowledge on project planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the infrastructure and building projects
  • Engage with research experts in business and engineering.
  • Double your networking opportunities by working with faculty, professionals, and fellow students in two separate fields.
  • Dual specialty gives you an edge over the competition in the job market.

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A Dual Degree that Brings Your Professional Passions Together

This dual MBA/MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering program offers those who seek to develop a solid understanding of business administration and engineering and applying those concepts within the engineering field. The program will provide students with the needed skills, knowledge, and tools to become visionary and creative leaders within this industry.

Admission Process

The dual in MBA/MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering program is open to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a closely related discipline. You must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year institution in the United States or proof of equivalent education at an international college or university. Applicants desiring to specialize in environmental engineering who have baccalaureate degrees in the natural sciences may require at least an additional semester of full­time study to complete engineering prerequisite undergraduate course work; this may include fluid mechanics, calculus through differential equations, engineering physics, chemistry and engineering economics. Successful environmental engineering applicants are expected to complete a set of graduate courses in engineering hydrology, hydraulics, statistics, water and wastewater treatment, and wastewater treatment plant design during their graduate study. Applicants would submit one application and pay one application fee. Your application will be reviewed by both the LEE MBA and Civil & Environment Engineering & Construction (CEEC) departments for admission consideration.

Dual Degree Program Structure

The dual MBA/MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering degree is a 60 credit-hour program in which students take 30 credits prescribed by the CEEC department and 30 credits in Business Administration. Students receive dual degrees: an MBA and an MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering. Full-time students typically receive their degree within 2.5 to 3 years, while part-time students average between 3 and 5.5 years.

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Daniel Yang

"Engineering is my passion; business is my interest. The LEE MBA allows me to experience the best of both worlds."

Daniel Yang
Dual MBA/MSE student

Application Deadlines

Fall Term:
March 1– for international applicants
June 15 – for domestic or permanent residence applicants

Spring Term:
August 30 – for international applicants
November 15 – for domestic or permanent resident applicants


The dual MBA/MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering degree program consists of faculty from the Lee Business School and the CEEC department of Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. These faculty are world-recognized experts in various fields, publish in top-tier internationally recognized academic journals, and are engaged in the business and engineering community.

More Skills Means More Career Opportunities

Achieving mastery within two disciplines is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition. As a dual-graduate-degree holder, your engineering background, together with an MBA, can open the door to multiple career options.

Career Options

With your dual MBA/ MSE - Civil and Environment Engineering degree, you'll have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of roles, including:

  • Executives (President or Vice-President) of engineering firms, public agencies, or private companies.
  • Directors of Planning, Design, and Construction of engineering firms, public agencies, or private companies.
  • Executive managers of planning, design, and construction division of engineering firms, public agencies, or private companies.
  • Mid- and upper-level managers of engineering firms, public agencies, or private companies.

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