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The Next Level of Business Leadership

The Executive MBA program gives you the comprehensive business knowledge, strategic perspective, and professional credentials to compete for today’s top management positions.

Earn Your Executive MBA at UNLV

Designed for decision makers, innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs, the UNLV Executive MBA program at Lee Business School will catapult you to the next level of business leadership. Harnessing the intellectual capital of the university’s accomplished faculty with instructors and guest lecturers from Southern Nevada’s business community and beyond, this 18-month, AACSB-accredited program offers an unrivaled combination of quality, affordability, and opportunity.

Change the Way You See the World – Dianna Klein
Change the Way You See the World – Susil Sivaraman
Change the Way You See the World – Keith Wingate
Change the Way You See the World – James Taylor

What is an Executive MBA Program?

An Executive MBA program immerses you in the knowledge and skills needed to enhance your business leadership credentials and create new career opportunities.

Who is the Executive MBA Program for?

The Executive MBA, unlike a traditional MBA program, is intended for working professionals seeking a competitive advantage in business leadership. This includes:

  • Established and aspiring executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Government leaders
  • Nonprofit executives

Four Ways the Executive MBA is Different than an MBA

  1. Your fellow EMBA students are established experts seeking leadership knowledge in ALL areas of business.
  2. Your 18-month schedule is optimized for maximum learning; by contrast a part-time MBA program takes two to four years to complete.
  3. Your AACSB-accredited curriculum emphasizes strategic thinking, problem identification, analysis, leadership, and collaboration.
  4. You will gain a global perspective of business leadership through your coursework and capstone international seminar.

Why Should I Pursue the Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA prepares you to lead with confidence. The full-service program caters to the needs of today’s business leaders, allowing you to easily balance the demands of your coursework with your family and professional commitments.

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