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Undergraduate Admissions

Upon admission to UNLV, all eligible business students are classified as business pre-major students. After completing the pre-major requirements, students must apply to a specific undergraduate business major. Once admitted to a specific business major, students may take upper-division (300- and 400-level) business classes.

Math and English Requirements for Pre-Major Students

To be admitted to LEE as a business pre-major student, all students must be eligible to take:

  • MATH 124, College Algebra
  • ENG 101, Composition I

The prerequisites for these classes are the scores earned on specific exams, such as the ACT, SAT, ALEKS, or departmental placement exam. For information about scores and the approved placement test options, visit the Math Placement page and the English Composition page.

GPA Requirements for Current and Newly Admitted Transfer Students

In addition to being eligible for the specific math and English classes upon admission to LEE, current UNLV students and newly admitted transfer students must meet specific GPA requirements.

  • Transfer students admitted to UNLV must have a 2.75 transfer GPA as calculated by UNLV’s Office of Admissions as part of the UNLV admission application.
  • UNLV students who want to change majors to the business pre-major must have a minimum 2.5 UNLV GPA.

For information about the pre-major requirements, visit the Admission to the Major webpage, which also features the application to the major. If you have satisfied all the pre-major requirements, submit your complete application to LEE Undergraduate Advising at

Graduate Program Admissions

Visit our Graduate Program page to view a full list of our current offerings. Prospective students are encouraged to attend our virtual or in-person information sessions to learn more about our graduate degree programs, exceptional faculty, vibrant community, and other unique opportunities the program offers.

Submit Your Application

For entrance into any of the Lee Business School graduate programs, prospective students must first apply for admission to the UNLV Graduate College.

To learn about admission and degree requirements of individual degree programs, visit the following pages: