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Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity



1½ years


Hybrid (remote allowed)

Required Credits



UNLV campus


International students: Program is a certified STEM program and qualifies for an OPT extension of 19 months.

Five Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Degree at UNLV:

  • The field of cybersecurity has been identified by the Department of Labor as some of the most needed professional skills, and graduates in the field are in high demand. Currently, there are millions of unfilled positions in the country.
  • UNLV is recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, designated by the National Security Agency and the United States Department of Homeland Security. This is the premier recognition for a program in cybersecurity and improves job prospects within the US government.
  • The dual specialty of this program, involving engineering and business, gives you an edge over the competition in the job market, where most offered programs are only from the business or engineering colleges, but not jointly.
  • Double your networking opportunities by working with faculty, professionals, and fellow students in two separate fields. You will be working with local professionals to expand or help your entrance into the cybersecurity field.
  • UNLV is a top tier research institution and is ranked in the top five in the United States for super-computer and data analysis capabilities. Las Vegas is a thriving metropolitan area home to world-renown entertainment, shopping, and food. These unique offerings make UNLV a resource for collaboration with local organizations.

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Who is this Program Ideal For?

  • Professionals who have some job requirements that deal with cybersecurity and desire to have a background in cybersecurity.
  • Professionals in cybersecurity who lack a graduate education, which impedes their ability to advance upwards within their career.
  • Individuals who are thinking of switching their career trajectory into cybersecurity, and lack any background in the area.
  • Individuals who are in cybersecurity and wish to further hone their soft or hard skills through an applied graduate program.

An Interdisciplinary Degree in High Demand

Ranked no. 25 in Step's list of 2022’s Best Online Cybersecurity Master’s Degree Programs, UNLV’s Master of Science in cybersecurity program offers students the best of engineering and business knowledge wrapped into one degree through the Lee Business School and the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. The program builds upon the strengths within the computer science department in the College of Engineering, which provides the technical expertise of dealing with data, computers, and networks; as well as the strengths of the management information systems group within the Lee Business School’s Department of Management Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MET) to provide the expertise in managerial aspects of security, compliance, and risk management.

Application Deadlines

Fall Term:
May 1 – Visa deadline
August 1 – Domestic deadline

Spring Term:
October 1 – Visa deadline
December 1 – Domestic deadline

Summer Term:
March 1 – Visa deadline
May 1 – Domestic deadline

Application Requirements

The master's in cybersecurity program is open to graduates from all undergraduate disciplines. You are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year institution in the United States, or proof of equivalent training at an international college or university.

Some technical background is preferred, but not required. Based upon your background, a summer bootcamp course may be assigned and required in order to complete the program

Program Structure

Program is made to accommodate current full-time workers. Thus, all courses are held in the evening or are offered as hybrid or fully online courses. The program is not entirely online, thus you will need to be located in Las Vegas for some courses/experiences.


The interdisciplinary master of science in cybersecurity degree program consists of faculty from the Lee Business School and Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. These faculty are world-recognized experts in numerous business sectors, publish in top- tier internationally recognized academic journals, and are engaged in the business community.

Program Cost

The cost to complete the required 30 graduate credits in the program is roughly $13,000.

Use the tuition estimator to estimate all expenses to attend UNLV.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Cybersecurity jobs represent a growing and potentially lucrative career path. A cyber crime investigator earns an average yearly salary of $93,000, while cybersecurity architects earn $131,000. The following career pathways are available to someone with a degree in cybersecurity:

  • Cryptographer
  • Forensics analyst
  • Incident responder
  • Penetration tester
  • Security administrator
  • Security analyst
  • Security/IT auditor
  • Security consultant
  • Security software developer
  • Security specialist
  • Security code auditor
  • Vulnerability assessor


Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Lee Business School
Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
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