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Accountants are trusted, objective professionals who provide information for decision making and serve as business advisers. The Department of Accounting offers an undergraduate degree (BSBA) in accounting, a minor in accounting and a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree.

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The economics major prepares students for jobs in businesses, financial firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations and for advanced degrees in business, economics, law, public administration, and other social sciences.

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The Department of Finance offers a major and a minor in finance and prepares its students for successful careers in corporate management, depository institutions, investment management, and financial services.

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Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

The mission of the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology is to create and disseminate knowledge that prepares students to lead organizations, tackle social and corporate issues, launch new ventures, and to harness the power of technological tools to improve performance and productivity.

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Marketing and International Business

Students with degrees in marketing obtain employment in a wide range of marketing-related fields, including data analytics, retailing, product/brand management, advertising, distribution, international business, marketing research, purchasing, services marketing, sports marketing, hospitality, and sales management.