Math Bridge

The Math Bridge Program is an online program designed to help students who are placed into preparatory math classes (Math 95/Math 96) or gateway math classes (Math 120/124/126) but require a different 100-level math course for their desired major. The program combines online learning with ASC staff assistance to help students gain a better understanding of core math concepts and overcome their math anxiety. The program utilizes the online platform, ALEKS, which can be used during Math Bridge class time and during personal time if students wish to work on concepts independently. Currently, all Math Bridges are conducted during summer sessions for eligible students.


Students should contact their Academic Advisor directly if they are unsure which math class is linked to their major. Limited seating is available for all sessions and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Math Bridge will be available in Summer 2021. Please check back for dates and registration information in Spring 2021.


Students with the following requirements are eligible for the Math Bridge Program:

  • Freshmen with 29 credits or less
  • ACT math score below 22 or SAT math score below 530
  • Received a "C" or lower in Math 95
  • Received a “C” or lower in Math 96
  • Placed into a preparatory math class (Math 95/96) but require a different 100-level math class for their major
  • Placed into a gateway math class (Math 120/124/126) but require a different 100-level math class for their major

Students who have already participated in the Bridge program are not eligible to enroll in the program. Eligibility is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact Bridge Programs with any eligibility questions.

Benefits of the Math Bridge Program

  • Math 95/96 do not count towards major requirements or graduation, so they are not covered by the Millennium Scholarship
  • Successfully completing the Math Bridge program and placing into a credit-bearing math course saves you money and time by enrolling in a required math course that can count toward Millennium and graduation.
  • The program is led by experienced and passionate tutors that can assist students as they successfully move through the online program, ALEKS, as well as give lessons on math concepts
  • Our tutoring team allows for individualized student attention as well as the chance to work in small groups by addressing problem areas such as proper note taking, study skills, and test anxiety. By addressing these areas, students gain confidence and feel empowered about their ability to learn math
  • Students are also able to meet and interact with their peers in the same major and become familiar with the UNLV campus before courses start in Fall
  • Students attend engaging presentations throughout the program to learn about opportunities at UNLV and build success strategies for upcoming courses
Comparison of Math Placement Options
Feature Math Bridge ALEKS
Cost Free* Free*
Tutoring X
Live Instruction X
Time to Complete

5 Weeks for Math 120/122/124

8 Weeks for Math 126/128/181

Summer Sessions available

It’s best to complete it before NSO or as early as possible to enroll in a 100-level math course. 
Uses customized
ALEKS learning
Interact with Peers X
Work on Math Skills
Scores earned can be
used for math placement

* Programs are free to students who qualify and complete the requirements of their chosen option.

What Do You Need to Participate?

Students need access to a computer, microphone, and web camera. If you do not have access to any or all of these items, but would like to participate, please reach out to the Bridge Team ASAP. All correspondence pertaining to your acceptance into the program will be sent to your active Rebelmail account.


The enrollment and support of the program is *free for students who complete the program and fulfill all requirements. However, ALEKS placement assessments may cost up to $43.00* to register for and complete. This fee ($25 for ALEKS, $18 for proctoring) is due on the day the student registers for the ALEKS placement assessment. All ALEKS assessments require mandatory proctoring. Please note that if a student signs up and does not fully complete the program, the student's account will be charged $220. Please DO NOT register for the ALEKS placement assessment without receiving instructions from the Math Bridge team. Registered students will receive instructions several weeks prior to the beginning of their session of Math Bridge.

*ProctorU (online proctoring for ALEKS placement assessment) may charge additional fees for "premium scheduling" to proctor the ALEKS placement assessment if a student fails to schedule in a timely manner. Please see their website for more information.

Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS)

The ASC uses ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) for the Summer Math Bridge Program. ALEKS is an online, adaptive, self-paced platform that accurately determines exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. ALEKS will then instruct students on the topics they are ready to learn and reassess those topics to ensure they retain the information. ALEKS will be purchased and utilized in its entirety through the Math Bridge Program, including the initial knowledge check which will be completed in one proctor session.

For Students: An Introduction to ALEKS