The MATH 5 0-credit course is dedicated to helping Exploring and Major pathways students who did not enroll in a math class for Fall 2023 maintain their math understanding. The course is designed for students who wish to continue practicing their math skills and increase their preparation for when they do register to take their math class in Spring 2024. Students undergo 16 weeks of developing confidence and skills in math, progressing through customized learning modules, and receiving tutoring from skilled facilitators. The course simulates components of a math class to create a space for students to learn and thrive among peers.

Students who are waiting to take their math course in the Spring semester can put their knowledge to practice by participating in this course. They strengthen their skills and receive math support throughout the Fall semester. Students can expect weekly lesson videos, practice problems, office hours, and a simulation of a midterm and final. Grading in this course is Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U).

In addition to experiencing a simulation of a math class, students navigate ALEKS, an online platform used to evaluate students’ math learning skills. ALEKS is a great tool because customized modules are created for every student. Also, any student wishing to take a higher level math course or test out of a corequisite math course can potentially do so because this course will prepare students to complete the ALEKS assessment in hopes to earn the score needed to place into a higher level math course.

Course Description

Students focus on providing students opportunities to practice core math skills, develop learning strategies, prepare for success on ALEKS assessment, and be ready for college level math courses. Engage with math through tutorial videos and checking for understanding assignments. Topics covered include concepts from algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.


Students who meet the following requirements may be eligible to enroll:

  • Exploring majors and pathways students at the Academic Success Center
  • Freshmen with 29 credits or less
  • Would like to take a different 100-level math class for their major other than the one they are currently eligible for
  • Not enrolled in a math course for Fall 2023

2023 Fall Math Bridge Schedule

August 28, 2023 - December 17, 2023
  Non-Stem Majors Stem Majors
Content Covered Algebra, geometry, pre-calculus Algebra, pre-calculus
Applicable Courses Math 120, 122, 124, 120E+20B, 124E+24B Math 126E+26B, 126, 127, 128, 132, OR 181


Participating in this course is free to students who fulfill all program requirements. Currently, UNLV is supporting students by covering the cost of the ALEKS placement assessment ($20.00) and ProctorU ($18.00). This can be subject to change and is contingent on university funding.

What Do You Need to Participate?

Students need access to Wifi, a computer, microphone, and web camera. Students who do not have the technology equipment must inform the instructor within the first week. The instructor will work with the Office of Informational Technology to coordinate technology assistance.

Benefits of the Math Bridge Program

Cost Effective

  • If currently enrolled in a 5 credit corequisite course, students can save about $600 by potentially becoming eligible to enroll in a 3 credit stand-alone math course
  • Obtain access to ALEKS to practice math skills for free through the Math Bridge  program ($20 a month subscription)
  • Obtain access to FREE tutoring catering to  specific needs (students currently not enrolled in a math class are unable to access on-campus math tutoring)

Place Into a Different Math Course

Receive tools that are designed to help increase a student’s ALEKS score, which in return can help students place into a different math course desired for their major.

Get the Experience of a Math Class

Engage in weekly virtual lessons and activities, similar to class lectures and assignments. Students get practice taking a math midterm and final as well.

Customized Tutoring

Work with Math Bridge Facilitators on targeted math concepts each week. Facilitators work with students in small groups and provide space for questions and practice.

Maintain Math Skills

Use the Fall semester to maintain math understanding and skills. Fall Math Bridge provides opportunities for students to learn and practice math to be ready for the Spring semester.