As you move into your second year at UNLV, it is very important that you get connected on campus and that you are actively seeking meaningful opportunities outside of the classroom that will complement your formal learning.

The second year of college is an essential time of solidifying your choice of major and in identifying appropriate goals that will lead to academic and personal success. UNLV has numerous resources for students to explore and participate in.

Unsure about what major to pursue? UNLV has several resources available to help you choose your major.

Want to plan for your future career goals? Visit Career Services to explore the career related resources available for you during your sophomore year at UNLV.

Rebels R.I.S.E.

The UNLV Academic Advising community recognizes the accomplishments of sophomore students during the Rebels R.I.S.E. Fall Event.

Sophomore Checklist

Reflection Section

  • Visit your academic advisor to assess your academic standing and progress
toward graduation
  • Make sure you are fulfilling your general education credits and taking any pre-requisite courses for your degree program and register for the next semester of classes
  • Confirm your major choice or change majors if necessary
  • Add a minor to complement your major and enhance your knowledge and skills base
  • Seek out peer and faculty mentors
  • Practice self-care and utilize the resources of the Student Wellness Center
  • Attend the Spring Sophomore Pinning Ceremony (invitations emailed in March)

Involvement Section

  • Join a student organization or fraternity/sorority
  • Attend an athletics event as tickets are free for students
  • Explore the workshops and resources provided by Career Services such as career fairs, resume writing workshops, and networking events
  • Participate in campus wide Rebel events such as Homecoming
  • Engage with CSUN, your student government body
  • Don’t miss amazing opportunities to get involved with the UNLV involvement center

Scholarship Section

Engagement Section