NSHE Transfer Agreement

  1. The Transfer Agreement between UNLV and CSN guarantees the transferability of all courses as outlined for the degrees and catalog year specified. Any course substitutions must be made with the guidance of a UNLV academic advisor.
  2. Students may elect to graduate under the course catalog graduation requirements under any of the following options, provided that the course catalog at the time of graduation is not more than ten years old:
    1. The course catalog of the year of enrollment in a baccalaureate-level course/program at an NSHE community college.
    2. The course catalog of the year of transfer into a baccalaureate-level program at the universities, state colleges, or community colleges that offer select baccalaureate degrees.
    3. The course catalog of the year of graduation from an NSHE institution.
  3. To earn a bachelor’s degree from UNLV, at least half of the required credits must be earned from a 4-year institution, and at least the last 30 must be earned as UNLV resident credits as a declared major in a degree-granting college.
  4. Students earning an AA, AB, or AS from CSN have fulfilled all lower-division general education requirements through degree completion. However, they are required to complete the Milestone and Culminating Experiences for their majors at UNLV.
  5. Students earning an AA, AB, or AS from CSN are guaranteed admission to UNLV (after applying and submitting official transcripts). Certain programs may have additional requirements for admission to the major.

Note: This transfer agreement has been created specifically for the programs listed above and only applies to students who complete the associate degree listed. If the associate degree is not earned, or a new program is selected, the transfer and articulation of listed courses, as well as fulfilled degree requirements, could be impacted. Students are advised that changes to the catalog year used for degree requirements may affect transfer articulation and the bachelor’s degree requirements satisfied by the associate degree. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor before changing catalog years.