I have no idea what I want to major in; where do I go?

Meet with an academic advisor to talk about your interests or degree options, or talk to a career counselor to explore career options for various majors. Explore all the majors/minors the university offers by attending the Major Exploration Fair in the fall.

When should I register for classes?

Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen have specified dates and times for registration. Incoming Freshman will receive their schedule at New Student Orientation. Check the calendars to determine when to register online.

Where can I register for classes?

Students may register from any computer that has Internet access. For computer specifications, check online registration.

Where can I get help if English is not my first language?

UNLV provides resources for non-native English speakers through our English Language Center.

UNLV Advising is telling me that I have to take developmental English or math courses. Where are they offered, and how does this affect my scholarship or loan status?

Developmental courses can be taken at UNLV and also at College of Southern Nevada (CSN). Be sure to meet with your advisor to find out what courses to take to ensure that you enroll in the appropriate level based on your major. Check with Financial Aid to determine how this may impact scholarships and/or financial aid.

Where can I find information about math and English placement at UNLV?

For English and Math Placement, several options are available. Please see the below links based on which option you’d like to use:

How do I find out about chemistry placement tests?

Before registering for chemistry, you must pass the General Chemistry (CHEM 121) placement exam.

How do I find out about foreign language placement testing?

Students with previous foreign language exposure wishing to enroll in a language course at UNLV are encouraged to complete the free foreign language written placement exam offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Please contact the department at 702-895-3431 or in BEH 342 for more information.

Can I receive credit for taking advanced placement tests?

Yes! Depending on the test taken and score received, students can earn credit for several UNLV courses. Contact your advisor for more information or look in the undergraduate catalog.

I took a CLEP test; can I earn UNLV credit?

UNLV awards credit for various CLEP tests but not all of them. Contact your advisor for more information or look in the undergraduate catalog.

I participated in an Individualize Education Program (IEP) in high school. Can I continue this at UNLV?

Students participating in IEP should contact the Disability Resource Center.

Where can I find information about the Honors College?

The Honors College is a learning community of high-achieving students, accomplished faculty, and dedicated staff who share a commitment to academic excellence.

Is tutoring available at UNLV?

Whether you need to brush up on your study skills or just need a little extra help in a course, tutoring services are available to UNLV students. UNLV offers group and individualized tutoring in almost any subject.

I've already been accepted to UNLV; what college is my major in?

If you've received a letter of acceptance to UNLV, your college and major should be listed on the letter. If you're unsure, then please contact the Admissions Office at 702-895-3443 regarding your major or check out the majors page.