Registration Tips

Here are some suggestions to help make registration go smoothly.

  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor in the middle of the semester, during slow times, to prepare for the upcoming semester. Your advisor will talk to you about prerequisites so that there are no surprises when it comes time for you to register.
  • If you are a transfer student, send all transcripts if you have not already done so. Once the registrar's office receives the transcripts, it will take four to six weeks to be placed in our database. This means if you took the prerequisite for a course last semester, you may have to wait or take a copy of your transcript to the department for placement.
  • Check your Student Center in MyUNLV to find out your enrollment date (this information will be on the right side of your student center screen).
  • Register for courses through MyUNLV as soon as possible on the day listed as your enrollment date.
  • Update any address or phone number changes.
  • Print everything. When you register for a course, drop a course, or pay for your courses, print to make sure the change has gone through. Keep a file.
  • Fill out appropriate financial aid/VA forms if necessary once you've registered.