What is Rebel Success Hub?

Rebel Success Hub is a student success platform that includes a wide range of functionality targeted at providing academic advisors, faculty, college leadership, and other campus partners with the ability to effectively communicate, monitor, and interact with students in order to promote their retention, progression, and completion. In addition to its enhanced workflow, cross-campus referral system, and case management capabilities, the platform also provides UNLV with predictive analytics based on historical institutional data that can provide insight into identifying and intervening with at-risk and off-path students.

A woman sitting down at a desk talking to an advisor

Rebel Success Hub


UNLV joined the Student Success Collaborative because we are committed to improving the way in which we serve our students. As part of UNLV’s Top Tier initiative, we are dedicated to providing an environment that fosters student achievement, by increasing retention and graduation rates, reducing time-to-degree, and helping students realize their personal, academic, and professional goals.


Rebel Success Hub provides UNLV with a multifaceted tool. It allows us to identify not only students, but also advising center information in the following ways:

  • Advanced Search – over 25 filtering options are available to obtain specific lists of students or subpopulations (e.g. students enrolled in major X, with X GPA, between X-X credits, and have not completed X course)
  • Activity Analytics - data reports offering visualization of how and when staff time is being spent for student appointments and aides in determining accountability and resource planning.
  • Alerts – early warning and referral system that allows select users to issue an alert that is accessible to users with appropriate access (e.g. a professor enters an alert that a student is at risk for failing their course, an advisor can then search for or view this alert on a student’s overview page)

Once a subpopulation of students is identified, we can take appropriate action in the following ways:

  • Perform proactive outreach and monitor students’ progress or subsequent actions
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor or other campus service
  • Document a student’s account through a university-wide shared notes system
  • Monitor students via “attributes” in order to track, assess and provide subsequent intervention. These identification methods allow us to monitor subpopulations of students not easily identified via MyUNLV
  • Conduct coordinated care across campus entities via referrals and closed-loop case management