First-Year Student Program

Integrated with each freshman’s COLA 100LA course. Every student will be assigned a peer mentor and must: complete at least three one-on-one meetings with their mentor, write a reflection paper regarding the impact of the program, and submit an end-of-semester completion survey - all for a minimum 10% of their total course grade.

  • “Peer mentoring taught me that even the smallest experience can hold some value. A story you recount without thinking about it may have someone else’s answer, or at least brighten their mood.” - Michael Jones, First-Year Peer Mentor, English
  • “Having a COLA peer mentor really helped me out a lot this semester emotionally and academically. As a first year and first gen it’s scary navigating on your own, but with a peer mentor things aren’t as scary as they seem. I also had an amazing mentor who was super supportive and such a cool person to be around!” - Aaliah Barrera Garcia, First-Year Mentee, Psychology


Director of Student & Community Engagement, Jenna Heath at to get involved with any of these programs!

Second-Year Student Program

An opt-in and integrated program for sophomore students. Eligible second-year students may either sign up for a general peer mentor, or students enrolled in PSY 200 will automatically be partnered with a Psychology-specific student mentor. Students will meet throughout the duration of the semester, and an end-of-semester completion survey regarding the program’s impact will be required.

  • “We all need support, and I think this program nails it! Interning here, I was not only able to support my sophomore mentees, but I was able to get support from my peers as well! This program is essential to COLA students at any grade standing, and I love it!” - Angelina Daniels, Second-Year Peer Mentor, Psychology
  • “I’ve been able to build confidence in myself, knowing that I can reach out for help when needed and not feel any sort of judgement or insecurity because my mentor was in the same position I was years before as well. It's great having someone backing you up and wanting to help you succeed.” - Alizia Valentin, Second-Year Mentee, Psychology

Transfer Student Program

An opt-in program for first-year transfer students. Eligible students may sign up for a peer mentor with relevant transfer student experience and meet with them as needed throughout the duration of the semester. An end-of-semester completion survey regarding the program’s impact will be required.

  • “I wish I was part of a program like this when I transferred to UNLV! It would have allowed me to get comfortable with UNLV faster and start participating more! I think transfer students should take part in this program to allow them to have someone help guide them when everything is new and overwhelming!” - Arely Colon, Transfer Student Peer Mentor, Anthropology
  • “I gathered so much useful information and resources from my wonderful mentor Neli, such as scholarships available to me, grants, and how to organize my studies. It was a great and fulfilling experience and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.” - Merci Silva-Acosta, Transfer Student Mentee, Spanish

Women's Empowerment Mentorship Program

This endeavor with The Warrior Queen Project, and in collaboration with Swati Bhise, the mission of the Women’s Empowerment Mentorship Program is to create a voice, expressing determination, boldness, resilience, and creating a sisterhood community. This program is strategically created to support folks that identify as women. By the completion of this program, mentees would be able to clearly share their history and those who impacted them, clearly outline their plans for the future and how they plan to empower others along the way.

Generously sponsored by the Bhise Family.

Women's Empowerment Program Website

COLA Connections Alumni to Student Mentoring Program

Created to aid current students in regards to their post-graduation plans. Eligible undergraduate students will be matched with an appropriate UNLV COLA Alumni volunteer or community member to discuss career goals, forward-thinking, and other post-graduation planning. Student mentees will meet with their assigned alumni mentors at least three times throughout the duration of the semester and will be required to submit an end-of-semester completion survey regarding the program’s impact.

  • “I started participating as a mentor in the COLA connections mentoring program during the fall of 2020 and it has been a great opportunity for growth! The students I have had the privilege of meeting are incredibly driven students, it has been an honor to connect with them at this point of their lives. Mentors have played a huge role in my career and it feels incredible to give back in this capacity.” - Monica Garcia, Alum Mentor, BA Sociology & BA Environmental Studies, 2013
  • “My mentor’s relationship-building activities and knowledge about professional development helped me become a better peer mentor myself, and I learned how to communicate effectively with those around me. This program connected me with wonderful people and gave me some useful skill sets that I can use no matter where I go after I graduate!” - Reyna Aniga, Second-Year Peer Mentor, Psychology

Sponsored by The College of Liberal Arts Alumni Chapter.

Neon Pacific Initiative (NPI) Program

In partnership with the College of Liberal Arts and generously funded by the Mellon Foundation, the Neon Pacific Initiative (NPI) program offers a scholarship program designed to foster the academic and professional growth of students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Asian and Asian American Studies. Mentees attend group mentoring sessions with a faculty member and 1:1 meetings with a Peer Mentor. This initiative seeks to advance research and teaching focused on the Asian American and Native Pacific Islander communities in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read this article to learn more about Neon Pacific Initiative.