Peer Advisor Program

The Peer Advisor Program is a year-long program that encourages research activity and volunteerism within UNLV’s burgeoning research environment. Participants simultaneously engage in research readiness, act as campus representatives of OUR, and assist in OUR’s signature events. Upon completion of this program, the PA will receive a $250 stipend.


The OUR Peer Advisor Program is open to all current UNLV undergraduate students.

Application Process & Deadline

The student is required to submit the following as part of the application package: 

  1. 1-page Personal Statement
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

UNLV faculty research mentors are required to submit a letter of support to

Program Requirements

Participants will be required to:

  1. Participate and represent OUR at four assigned campus events
  2. Participate in 4 OUR in-class marketing campaigns
  3. Present and volunteer at OUR’s Fall or Spring undergraduate research symposium
  4. Hold office hours to provide peers with guidance and assistance in research involvement

Program Completion Process

Please submit the following as part of your application package:

  1. Proof of campus event completion
  2. Proof of in-class marketing campaign completion
  3. Proof of symposium volunteer work and/or presentation completion
  4. Proof of office hours completion