Three students hanging around in a dorm room.

Student Life

Student Life includes programs and facilities that focus on the student experience — housing, recreation, student union, student diversity, student activities and organizations. It also has a Business Services Office.

S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund

The S.O.S. Emergency Relief Fund provides students with assistance when faced with an unexpected emergency situation. 

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Mission Statement

Student Life serves and enriches the experience of students through student advocacy, inclusiveness, programming, holistic development, and its infrastructure.


Our vision is to provide every student with a sense of belonging, affirm diverse identities, and prepare students to be engaged leaders in a global society.

Student Life Departments

Interior of a gym
A student sitting down on a bed with U-N-L-V decorations in a dorm room.
Seven people jumping in the air in front of U-N-L-V letters on stage
A U-N-L-V red banner surrounded by greenery on campus
A banner of multiple countries flags set up on palm trees in front of the Student Union
People standing on U-N-L-V letters on a field
A banner that says "Rebels make it happen" hung from a pole
People sitting down at tables at the Student Union

What's Happening

A student working in a workshop, with a rocket labeled "UNLV"

Through the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space club, members launch their rockets and their careers.

smiling young woman with trees in background

2024 UNLV Student Service Award winner Makayla Franklin inspires Black pride and representation on campus through Afrikan Black Coalition Conference.


Yearly ‘Military Friendly Schools’ ranking evaluates over 1,800 schools nationally on efforts to create sustainable paths for student veteran success.


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Student Life
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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